Tuesday, April 24

Seattle Sonics fire Hill, "reassign" Sund

"They fired ME?! But, I'm BOB HILL, damnit!"

From the Seattle P.I.:
The Sonics fired coach Bob Hill and reassigned general manager Rick Sund on Tuesday afternoon.

Team chairman Clay Bennett made the announcement in a statement sent to media outlets. Bennett and Sonics vice-chairman Lenny Wilkens will lead the search for a new coach and GM, the statement said.

Sund, who has a year remaining on his contract, will serve as a consultant next season.

"Bob Hill and Rick Sund are fine individuals of excellent personal character and are basketball men through and through," Bennett said in the statement. "They were both extremely helpful to us during the challenging year of transition."

The Sonics completed their season Wednesday with a 31-51 record. Only four NBA teams had fewer victories.
No big shocker here. The only surprise is they didn't do it four months ago. (Of course, that would have meant the owners were interested in winning in Seattle which, obviously, they weren't.)


Eric Reynolds said...

Whoa, Nellie! My question is, how does Lenny sleep, knowing the team is outta here SOONER rather than later? (Bwah-ha! Get?!)

Anonymous said...

Whatever you think about Bob Hill, you have to sympathize for the guy. From what I understand he was due for surgery either today or Wednesday, and he gets this shoved in his face at the same time.

Good luck down the road, Bob. YOu were placed in an almost impossible situation and you did the best you could. Sadly, it may be your final shot at the brass ring. Personally, I hope someone gives you a shot as an assistant. For all the work you've done in the world of basketball (coaching, giving camps, playing, etc.), I sure wouldn't want it to end like this.

Anonymous said...

Well, now it begins.

I hate to say this, but Lenny Wilkens may come out of all of this looking alot like Dick Cheney.

How, you ask? Well, in '02, Bush hired Cheney to look for his VP. After a few months of diligent searching, Cheney came back that the best candidate was ... Dick Cheney. I wouldn't be shocked if Lenny's conclusion is that the best candidate to be the Sonics' GM is ... Lenny Wilkens. Call me crazy, but I'd give it at least 40 % odds.

Eric Reynolds said...

I wouldn't bet against that.