Friday, April 13

Oden Odyssey

Much like Homer's Odysseus, the Sonics have wandered for an eternity this year. Will it pay off? Will the Sonics, like Odysseus, be able to shoot their arrow through the target and win the biggest prize in team history?

Well, this weekend will go a long ways towards helping or hindering the Sonics' odds. Here are the key games on tap for the next three days.

Wizards at Atlanta (W)
Milwaukee (L) at Boston (W)
Knicks (L) at Nets
Spurs at Minny (L)
Charlotte (L) at Bulls
G St. at Sacto (L)
Portland (L) at Clips
Atlanta (L) at LeBron
Charlotte (L) at Milwaukee (W)
Seattle (L) at Portland (W)
Sacto (L) at Clips
Minny (L) at G St.
Knicks (L) at Toronto
Seattle (L) at Lakers

Here's how it would shake down if it goes according to plan:

Seattle: 0-2, 31-50
Portland: 1-1, 32-48
TWolves: 0-2, 32-48
Knicks: 0-2, 32-48
Sacto: 0-2, 32-48
Charlotte: 0-2, 32-49
Bucks: 1-1, 27-53
Atlanta: 1-1, 30-50

That's a crapload of teams sitting at either 30, 31, or 32 wins heading into the final three days of the season. As the past drafts have shown, there is a HUGE difference between being #4 and being #8.

What does it all mean? I think we may see a major illustration of tanking in the next six days. It also sets up some interesting matchups, like, for example, Milwaukee at Cleveland on the last day of the season. Let's say the Cavs are locked into their playoff slot and play their bench guys to make sure Z and LBJ are ready to go for the playoff push. Well, the Bucks sure as hell aren't running Junior Bridgeman and Sidney Moncrief out there these days, now are they? If I was a NBADL player, I might just hang around the lockerrooms before game time, because there's a pretty good chance yet another Buck pulls up lame before that contest.

Or how about Mavs-Sonics to close out the year? The Sonics have no reason whatsoever to play hard, and neither do the Mavs. Does it turn into a video game horror show, where both teams start chucking up 28-footers out of sheer boredom?

It's certainly not something Homer - or David Stern - would ever write about, but it's the reality of the lottery era. All I can say is, Go Blazers Go!


Anonymous said...

C'mon, you make a classic Bucks reference and leave out Paul Pressey? For shame! Were you too busy to remember Brian Winters, either? What about Cummings, Mokeski, or Kevin Grevey?

Sorry, just kidding. That was great to see that highlight, though. Man, I miss those days.

Anonymous said...

You've got to love that Moncrief 3 at the buzzer with his team up by 7 points already. $100 says KC Jones brought that up in the lockerroom before Game 7....

Anonymous said...

If the Sonics don't get 1 or 2, they ought to package the pick plus Rashard to Indy for Jermaine O'Neal. If they have to throw in Watson/Ridnour in exchange for Tinsley then so be it.

I don't see how getting another unprepared big man is going to help this team, and I'm not impressed with the point guards available.

Anonymous said...

Still do not understand the fascination with Jermaine O'Neal. He hasn't put the Pacers on his back and got them to the playoffs. Troubled past with the Detroit brawl and he is a 20-10 player on a non playoff team in the EAST!!! He is not the answer. Let go of it. Indiana is not going to give him up for a offensive small forward and a pick. Not what Donny Walsh is looking for. The already had that in Al Harrington and let him go TWICE.

chunkstyle23 said...

First Joyce, now Homer. Everyone's soooooo impressed that you have a library card. Let me know when it's safe to make Star Wars and A-Team references again, brainiac.

Anonymous said...

Chunk's right, Nuss, you're losing us with this stuff. Although I've got to say, it's probably the first time Homer and Junior Bridgeman wound up in the same story.

Anonymous said...

I think we'll go 1-2 or 2-1 in the final 3 games.

It looks like the Blazers will shut down Brandon Roy for the rest of the season and I can't see them beating us, especially since we're about the only team(in that 5 to 11 pick range) that still plays there starters over 30 minutes a night. So that should be win No.1 and would have us in a tie with about 3-4 teams for the 6th worst record.

I think we'll lose to the Lakers, as they're still in need of wins.

The Mavs game will be the deciding factor for our draft pick. If we win it than even something like the 11th pick is a possibility. If we lose it, than we might have a shot at the 6th most ping pong balls, if we do win those tie breakers.

After all, I'd be upset if we'd end up with yet another late lottery pick.