Tuesday, April 10

Seattle Sonics: Team of Mystery

70 plus games should tell you everything you need to know about a team, but after another lose one, win one, lose one weekend, we are left with more questions than answers about our beloved SuperSonics.

For starters . . .
After securing a site in Renton, are the Sonics serious about staying in the Northwest?

With Earl Watson probably out for the rest of the season, will Luke Ridnour Mike Wilks step up and show Sonics management that this is his team?

How the hell did Rashard pass Shawn Kemp on the all-time Sonics scoring list?
Sonics, I feel like I don't even know you any more.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I hadn't heard that Earl was done for the year. I thought it was just a "wait until the next game" kind of thing.

Whatever, in my mind Mike Wilks = Better Odds in the Lottery. At sonicscentral they're saying that Mateen Cleaves might get signed for the rest of the season.

Personally, I'm for this idea: Every game, the Sonics draw a ticket number out of a hat, and whoever wins gets to sit on the bench for that night. They won't play any minutes, but they'll get to wear a jersey and everything. What have they got to lose? If it doesn't work for that night - just for contract purposes - they could draw for the next game, or something like that..

Anonymous said...

"team of mystery?" isn't that the Joker?

and isn't that more fitting? Aren't the supes a team of jokers?!?!?

because right now all this late season winning isn't really mysterious, but it is a joke.


win again. let's move to that coveted 12 spot in the draft. lot of great players available there year after year...

Eric Reynolds said...

Funny that Rashard accomplished that total in one of his (more than likely) final games as a Sonic.

The RIDDLER, t dawg, the RIDDLER!

Eric Reynolds said...

P.S. to Sonics... You have four games left, please lose all of them. Right now, you're in position for the fifth pick. If you lose out, fourth could be yours. It won't be easy, two behind Atlanta with four to play, but give it your worst effort possible, nonetheless. You should have locked up the third position already, if not for those careless wins down the stretch. So let's lose, baby! Do it for that weasel Howard Schultz -- he'll be so jealous if you can somehow luck into Durant or Oden.

Anonymous said...

OMG. Riddler. Not Joker.

Jesus. I'm going old... memory is fading.

Where did I leave my... uh... what did I forget again?