Thursday, April 26

Perfect Storm

It's not often that a cheap fellow like myself finds himself with a bevy of options on television. I've straightjacketed myself into 20 channels (even worse: 20 Canadian channels), so on most nights my choices are limited, to say the very least.

And, yet, there I was last night, assaulted by not 1, not 2, but 3 fantastic options.

1) Golden State v Dallas
2) Bill Moyers on PBS, talking about the media's complicity in bringing about the Iraq War

And, thankfully, they all came through. Since this is a basketball website, I'll focus on #1 (but it should be mentioned: Judith Miller of the NY Times did not come off looking too swell in Moyers' show, and why in the hell did Desmond let that one-eyed jackoff walk away?).

Back to hoops. I only caught the second half of the Mavs-Warriors game, but even that snippet made me wonder the following:

1. If Dirk Nowitzki is the best player in the NBA this year, then the NBA must really stink. The Tall German was probably the 5th- or 6th-best player on the court when I was watching.

2. Even with the loss, G St. has to be feeling pretty good about themselves. I never felt at any point that the Mavs were clearly a better team. As long as the Warriors keep going strong to the hoop and throwing those 3/4-court length passes off Dallas makes, the Mavs are going to be one tired group of Texans.

3. I am amped to watch Bay Area fans bring the pain this weekend.

4. Baron Davis' beard deserves its own blog.

5. It kills me that the Sonics were on a par with the Warriors only a year or so ago. At this moment, they're not even in the same universe.


Anonymous said...

He let him go because he gave him his word, brotha!

Anonymous said...

"Tony Dutt, the agent for Rashard Lewis, said his client will not go back to the Sonics with offers from other clubs to see if they will match."

Sorry for the Off-topic. Desmond rocks.

Anonymous said...

I saw that PI story too. It looks as though he's still interested in playing here, but that he won't give the Sonics the last opportunity to sign him if he gets something better somewhere else. Good ol' bargaining by Mr. Dutt.

DSA said...

This is a ridiculous ownership group being ridiculously coy and making miserable demands. How about a PR effort, boys? So you bought aclub with a bad lease... Ok.

You want to make money. Fine.

What I don't get is that they could've just renegotiated the terms at the Key. But its one of these "I've got big dreams and nobody can hold us back"-type situations. And what if the place is small? Its also one of the better places to watch a basketball game in the country.

Build a team that people want to watch on television, and you make a boatload more money.
After buying this club, one with 40 years history and a serious commitment from its fans, these yahoos think its their right to demand a quarter of a billion dollars to make the most expensive basketball palace in the country.Its infuriating. So being a fan means that I have to support suburban sprawl in Renton? Please just leave the colors, the retired jerseys, and Dwayne Casey. See you at the Expansion draft in 10 years.

Anonymous said...

What's going to happen to this site when the Sonics leave?

Anonymous said...

Paul's volunteered to move to Oklahoma City, right, Paul?

Honestly, it's like thinking about what happens if you get into a car accident, you just try not to think about it too much.

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