Thursday, September 13

Can Gorton save another Seattle team?

According to the Seattle Times, former senator Slade Gorton has been enlisted to help save the Sonics. Gorton (known as "Senator Skeletor" in my household) was instrumental in keeping the Mariners in town, which almost makes up for the years he spent trying to dump poison in the Cascades.

If the hard-nosed lobbyist can pull this off, perhaps he'll be remembered as "Gorton the Great" instead of "Cyanide Slade".


mcwalter44 said...
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mcwalter44 said...

eh… we’ll see what Slade accomplishes. I just got a feeling he’s going to do more lawyering than negotiating on this matter. Look for his legal group to be the one hired to represent the city verse Bennett’s group.

As for a whole Skeletor thing... that bring back great memories growing up making fun of that douche bag. That said Washington managed to replace him with an even less effect person in Cantwell. Also it's interesting to note that neither of Washington's current Senators have weigh in on the Sonics' issue.

PN said...

Just wait until it becomes a big enough issue, then I'm sure both of them will "weigh in" with how important it is for:

1. The state to retain an important asset like the Sonics for the civic pride


2. Why Washington can get by without professional sports run by greedy businessmen from Oklahoma

depending on how their handlers tell them to speak.

Anonymous said...

Oden out for the year, according to the Blazers. Microfracture surgery.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a certain legitimacy Slade may bring to the casual (and older) observer.

Could be a good thing. Nice to see some rallying.

Regardless, getting hyped to watch KD

Anonymous said...

Do I smell a Political comeback?

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