Monday, September 17

Comics for Sonics--TUESDAY NIGHT!

Seattle comedian Paul Merrill host this show next week.The line-up has been announced for tomorrow night's "Comics for Sonics" benefit show for Save Our Sonics, and it's pretty damned impressive, if I don't say so myself:Travis Simmons, Harrold Gomez, Brad Upton, and headlined by Rod Long.

(NOTE: Despite what the poster says, it's really only $10!)

If you aren't familiar with the Seattle comedy scene, these folks are all headliners and outside of Bumbershoot, you would never see them all in one show. I also heard there might be a surprise guest appearance from a certain Last Comic Standing runner-up. (Oh, and the editor of Supersonicsoul is hosting it, but don't let that dissuade you.)

Since it's for a good cause (and for only ten bucks) this is a show you don't want to miss.

(Click on Raf's awesome poster for details.)


Anonymous said...

To save yourself some time in writing jokes for tomorrow night, perhaps you guys could just talk about the Sonics' commitment to defense for the past couple of years? That was pretty much a total joke ...

In all seriousness, congrats on helping put this event together, Paul. At least this way when you're watching the Oklahoma Sonics play the Las Vegas Kings in the Western Conference Finals four years from now, you won't feel quite so ill.

Anonymous said...

Hey, is it $10? The poster says $20? Or maybe I'm blind

Paul said...

The poster is wrong (I had the info wrong when I told Raf) --it's 10 bucks!

Anonymous said...

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