Tuesday, September 4

Doug Christie anyone? Anyone?

According to the Sacramento Bee, Doug Christie is eying a comeback, and the Seattle Supersonics are on the short long list of teams he's considering:
Christie said there have been talks with seven teams, although only two have had "real high interest." He would not name any of the clubs, only that one of the best chances is in the West and one is in the East. He did say there have been no conversations with the Kings.

The preference is to land with a championship contender, which only makes sense -- he gets a shot at a ring, just as it is unlikely a team in building mode would invest minutes in a 37-year-old wing. But it is not a concrete rule for Christie.

If the SuperSonics called, there would be a great appeal to playing in his hometown. If the Kings called, doubtful given the depth they have at shooting guard and small forward, there would be a definite lure to return to a city his family enjoyed.

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I have no interest in seeing Doug Christie in a Sonics uniform, but at least it might help burn this image from my brain.


mcwalter44 said...

I have no interest in this bum either. I sit bitter over his hold out after the Sonics draft him. I vividly remember his first game in Seattle when he was with the LA Laker. I swear every time he touched the ball their was chorus of boos louder than anything Seattle ever sent Barkley's or Rodman's way.

Plus, Doug has give little back to Rainer Beach HS, where as more recent alums like Nate Roberson and Jamal Crawford have gone out their way to not only help the athletic department, but the school as a whole.

In short, screw Christie and his whacked out hand signals.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I, too, have no interest in Doug Christie playing for the Seattle Supersonics.

Anonymous said...

Wait, but don't we need another small forward?

Anonymous said...

Please... NO. I hate DC.

Thats fine if anonymous=LOSER. I'm not getting a Google account. I hate them as much as the Christies.

Paul said...

Yeah Google totally sucks. They have all this great free software like Google Docs and Google Earth and Blogger and the best web mail and are voted one of the best places to work . . . oh wait, YOU suck!

Paul said...

(and you don't have to have a Google account--you just have to click on "other" and type in a name. Very, very difficult, I know).

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