Saturday, September 22

Sonics Weekend Update

The top Seattle Supersonics stories from the past week . . .

Bruce Baskin of the Seattle P.I. takes a look at the top Sonics drafts of all time.

Did I mention we had a Save Our Sonics comedy show? It was awesome, and you should really go to the next one.

Meanwhile, Big Boy Bennett is still trying to weasel out of his lease.

The Oklahoma vultures may want our Sonics, but the Storm? Not so much.

Did I mention we started an official Supersonicsoul fantasy league? Well, we did, and you should join. Send me an email and I'll hook you up.


Anonymous said...

Bruce Baskin should be fired. For him to not be able to spell Shawn Kemp's name is completely ridiculous. How is that even possible???

Anonymous said...

re: the Storm article,

"Jackson had said she would not honor the final year of her contract if the team relocated to Oklahoma City."

What a badass. Kinda like Cortez Kennedy when Behring tried to move the Seahawks... (or was that someone else? my memory's not that great.)

Too bad Lauren Jackson's actions have zero influence on anything...

Come to think of it, there's really no one on the Sonics (outside of the rookies) that could really pose much of a threat by making a similar statement...

Paul said...

Bruce Baskin is actually a guest blogger--not an actual journalist for the P.I., so they should really fire the editor.

DSA said...

I am way interested in the fantasy league-- but that email link refused to open on my virus-magnet.

I'd appreciate it if you can fire me an email @ dustin.andres [at]

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