Thursday, September 13

Locked On Jazz

As previously mentioned in Gary Washburn's blog at the PI, David Locke has relocated to Salt Lake City, taking over the pre- and post-game Jazz shows as well as hosting a sports radio show on KJZZ (and, yes, I agree that KJZZ sounds like something you'd by at a sex shop for $7.99).

Here's Locke's take on returning to SLC, including paying homage to the wonderful Jazz franchise.

You know, if I was running the Sonics, I think my first two questions to potential broadcasters would be:

1. Do you now or have you ever before rooted for the Portland Trail Blazers?
2. Do you now or have you ever before rooted for the Utah Jazz?

A yes to either question would be grounds for a non-hire, at least to me.


Eric Reynolds said...

I can't trust anyone who would rather live in SLC than Seattle.

Anonymous said...

Despite the fact that I'd never want to live in Utah, I'm happy for David Locke.

Sonics Man said...

First off I lived in Salt Lake for many years and I currently live in Southern utah. SLC is a fine city to live in and David Locke loves SLC as much as Seattle. Locke will be loved in Utah and my brother is actually a producer for 1320 KFAN and will be working with Locke. I am looking forward to talking with Locke soon and talking a little basketball. Remember that Locke would prefer to still be in Seattle but that was not his choice so he will settle for Salt Lake and do a great job of covering the Jazz.

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