Wednesday, September 19


After reading this article the other day which painted Kevin Durant is less than a stellar light, you can see another, more optimistic, opinion here. Suffice it to say that "Durant" and "Jordan" appear in a comparison, and the comparison isn't negative.


mcwalter44 said...


There are a lot of hater our their in the world. This guys' blog is even that good, it just got run from Henry Abbott and Truehoop because their hasn't been much negative news about Durant since the combine. I'm sure Henry's going to work this but off to find more negative Durant news seeing as his Blazers just drafted the most hyped a cripple of all-time.

Keep up the great work with the site.

Anonymous said...

I think the thing people need to stinking remember is that the dude is 19. NINETEEN. He'll get stronger. He'll get more savvy. He'll learn the intricacies of the NBA game and figure out ways to generate mismatches.

People just need to take a chill pill sometimes. Yes, he'll struggle at times this year. Does that mean he's going to be a bust? That's just silly.

After all the guy is basing his opinion off of a clip some fan somewhere put on YouTube. YouTube, people.

Anonymous said...

I was thinking last night about much different Durant is going to look in 5 years, or 10 years. Think how skinny Gary and Shawn looked when they were rookies, especially Shawn, and how he developed (okay, maybe he went too far in the weight-putting-on thing) into a stud power forward within 2-3 years. Why couldn't Durant go through the same thing? If he was out of high school and sitting at the end of the bench, nobody would care, but everyone expects him to be a frickin' MVP candidate his rookie year it seems like.

I'd be perfectly happy with 18-20 ppg, and 4 or 5 boards this year. Anything beyond that is a bonus.

Anonymous said...

"I'd be perfectly happy with 18-20 ppg, and 4 or 5 boards this year"
Ryan, I think most people would be ECSTATIC to see him average numbers like that.

He'll probably see his fair share of double-teams, as, with the possible exception of Sczerbiak, there are no other scoring threats on the team... But then again, if no one else is scoring, maybe opposing teams will let KD score as many points as he wants and just shut down everyone else...

I enjoyed the linked post comparing KD's style to MJ's. However, it's important to note that the argument is in no way mutually exclusive from the KD-bashing article. The author admits to as much.