Monday, September 10

Glove's Next Move

Intersting quote from Aaron Goodwin, Gary Payton's agent (and Kevin Durant's, by the way), in, regarding Payton's next destination.

"He's deciding if he's going to take another crack at playing one more season, or maybe go to Seattle and work in some sort of management position, or go into TV color commentary," Goodwin said.

I don't know if Goodwin means a management position with the Sonics, or with Goodwin's agency, but I would assume he means the Sonics. The only problem is I have no idea where Payton would fit in "Sonic Management." Considering the way the last Sonic hero's tenure in Sonic Management ended, I can't see Clay Bennett getting all lathered up to hire GP. Likewise, the Sonic assistant coach staff has been filled, so there's no room for him there, either (not that PJ Carlesimo would be too excited about giving Payton a job to begin with). And, finally, with the hiring of Marques Johnson and Steve Jones, he's out of luck in a commentator role, at least in Seattle.

So, I have no idea what Goodwin is talking about, unless it's just to stoke the embers of his player's dying NBA fire. Shocking as it may seem, I've heard agents do that on occasion.


Paul said...

I laughed when I read that. Wishful thinking anyone?

Don't get me wrong--I love the Glove. I just don't see the current management being "on board" (as they say in corporate douche-bag land).

Anonymous said...

The Goodwin/Payton team has always been good for a few laughs. I always got a kick when Goodwin would make a bunch of declarations and demands and then when the shit hit the fan, Gary would just say, "I didn't say that."

Anonymous said...

It is funny though that Seattle was winning more games went Payton was around. We seem to really have declined since his departure. I don't see why people think Payton would not help. I guess if you are happy with the great success over the last couple years than I can understand.