Monday, April 14

Kings for a Day

Seattle SuperSonics' Kevin Durant, center, celebrates with Donyell Marshall, right, as Jeff Green (22) watches after Durant scored against the Dallas Mavericks in the final minutes of the fourth quarter of an NBA basketball game in Seattle, Sunday, April 13, 2008. The Sonics won 99-95.<br />(AP Photo/John Froschauer)
While the Dalai Lama peddled his magic elsewhere in the city, while the Mariners saw this year's supposed savior, Erik Bedard, miss yet another start, while the entire northwest was walking around mumbling to each other about how beautiful Saturday was, the Sonics put on a show that trumped it all.

Gary Payton, Fred Brown, Avery Johnson ... there was plenty of past glory floating around KeyArena, and for one night, at least, it was a good night to be a Sonic fan. Buoyed by the enthusiasm from the fans, the players got into the act and somehow managed to knock off one of the top teams in the Western Conference, the Dallas Mavericks, and give 16,000+ Sonic fans reason to cheer in a season that has been beyond ugly.

With a balanced scoring attack which saw five players in double-figures behind him, Earl Watson led the Sonics with 21 points, 10 assists, and eight rebounds, and Nick Collison contributed yet another double-double in a 99-95 victory.

But the game was about far more than the final score. Was it the final home game in Seattle basketball history? At the moment, I'm conflicted about the future. A part of me believes that the evil forces at work in the NBA will have their way and we may have seen the end of pro basketball at KeyArena last night.

But a larger part of me is optimistic, and believes that Clay Bennett has done enough damage to his reputation to ensure that the league will force him either to sell and/or accept another team in exchange.

Only time will tell, of course. Looking at the situation now, though, where do you stand? Was this the last game for the Seattle Sonics?


Anonymous said...

I really hope not because one I didn't have get to go to the game and two I can't imagine not having a local team to root for. I love the game of basketball and have been a Sonics fan my entire life. Of course I am only 23 and grew up in the days of the glove and reign man and big smooth and so many other greats. Seattle deserves to have a team and it is sad that we could lose them. Whats even more sad is that ESPN finally gave us some publicity but its way to late and we only got a little 2 min blurp about how it could be the last game in seattle and a brief mention of the emails. It was great to see the former Sonic greats come out to the game and show their support last night. After hearing that Kevin Durant almost cried last night really just made me like him even more. He understands how much this team means to us.

Anonymous said...

saying this as someone who has been to rallies, supported everything - and not some oklahoma loser trying to act smug - but i really feel it's over. i was at the game on sunday night and i've got to say it teared me up more than a few times. seeing gary there ... man, that hurts. at this point, though, i'm leaning towards that being my final sonic memory. i pray that i'm wrong, but that's how i feel right now.

Paul said...

NOTE TO READERS: Due to a server problem, Supersonicsoul was down for five hours today--I apologize for any sadness, depression or suicides this may have caused.


pg said...

So, Paul...are you ready to embrace your deep and previously unannounced love of the Pacific Northwest Trail Blazers?


Paul said...

As much as I love the Blazers (sacrilege!), they already have about 4000 blogs.

I have, however, been thinking about what Supersonicsoul will be if the Sonics leave town:

1) SuperStromicSoul--The Storm just signed two MVPs to go along with their own All-World Lauren Jackson. We may have the 90's Bulls of the WNBA and nobody's watching them.

2) SuperSounderSoul---Soccer! It's the new basketball! And by 1980, we'll all have air-cars!

3) Supersonicsouldies--All oldies, all the time! Do you like articles about Frank Brickowski and Alton Lister? Then you'll love this crap.

3) Supersonicoul Fan Fiction--"What-if?" stories about the Sonics, as if they were still in town. What if Gus Williams hadn't held out in 1980 and they didn't trade DJ? What if we never traded Kemp and Payton? What if Clay Bennett grew a conscious and decided to jump off the Ballard Bridge, with his Will stating the team should go to George Karl?

(Actually, that last one sounds pretty awesome. This might not be so bad after-all!)

Anonymous said...

i still feel that this picture is powerful..

someone should start a SOS chant at every nba game...

Anonymous said...

Gentlemen, it looks like someone's finally saying "I'm Mad as Hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!"
Check out the Seattle Times website, and try not to shout tooooo loud.
Bennett, Stern, OKC ... you're all toast. You deserve every bite of the s*#t sandwich you're about to get.

Anonymous said...

Howard Schultz is suing Bennett to re-obtain the Supersonics!

Save our Sonics!!!!!


Anonymous said...


hmmm. Maybe I will have another Starbucks coffee before I die...

Anonymous said...

Sad but true the Sonics are gone, if not next year then shortly thereafter. I think Howard should be sent packing with them. This man so loves the Northwest but stabs you in the back for a few bucks to some opportunists. Also thanks to the city and state legislature for the rousing support shown. Only when departure was imminent were any media opportunity support gestures made. The OKC posse only is doing what every other corporate raider does, look out for themselves. The laid back attitude expressed by the city of Seattle as a whole needs to accept responsibility for losing the Sonics.

Do you really think the rest of the NBA cares? The league owners? Other teams fans? Not in the least. It's a look out for yourself world now and if you do not cover your backside prepare to accept the consequences. They are all saying, at least we still have our team.

The focus now should be on what really matters. What happens when Boeing pulls up and moves their operations elsewhere. Not so far fetched an idea. It could happen.

Anonymous said...

Howard Schultz suing to get the Sonics back. Window dressing, BS. He is protecting his backside. Does anyone really think this man was naive enough to be bamboozled by some hicks from the heartland. Cmon Howard, this makes you look like an even bigger liar and traitor.