Friday, April 4


The Sonics have played surprisingly well against Houston this season, coming within 7 on the road and within 2 at home. Yes, pointing to how much you lost by as a sign of success is pathetic, but that's this year's Sonics.

Sadly, the Rockets are desperate for a win, and they must be looking at Seattle the way Drew Carey looks at a platter of wings. Tracy McGrady went off for 32 against the Blazers on Thursday, and there's no reason to doubt he'll do the same against the the defenseless Sonics tonight.

Kevin Durant - who aspires to be T-Mac-like - will also be expected to produce 25+ points tonight, but who else will contribute for the green and gold bunch? With the crucial Robert Swift, Mickael Gelabale, and Damien Wilkins all sidelined, how will the Sonics recover the magic that lead them to their stellar start to the season?

Ah, I kid. The Rockets are 9-point favorites, and that's money in the bank if you ask me. Final score? Rockets 105-Sonics 90.


Jordan Nelson said...

Hey, check out this comment from Frank Hughes over at the TNT:

At the end of the week, Roger Goodell holds another press conference. I'm pretty impressed with Goodell. I always thought David Stern was kind of an arrogant bully, speaking in these lofty roundabout platitudes while always throwing marketing BS in to unnecessarily promote the league. Goodell seems pretty straight-forward to me. He doesn't seem to condescend. And for the most part he answers questions. Sometimes they are short or incomplete, but you don't feel like he is pulling some lawyer-speak on you to evade the question.

He was blogging from the NFL Owners Meetings. I know its not necessarily new information about Stern, but certainly an interesting confirmation from a source who should know.


PN said...

Thanks for the link. Hughes never had a problem calling it like it was, although he did seem interested in stirring up trouble if he felt like it. Nice to see he hasn't lost his disdain for David Stern.