Thursday, April 24

supersonicsoultoon: Ranger Howie

So maybe Schultz looks more like a Mountie than a forest ranger. I must have been influenced by Pete's Canadian brainwaves. Especially since he came up with the idea for this one! Add "Art Director" to your job title, Pedro.


PS: For the background on this cartoon, read this article in the Seattle Times.


Anonymous said...

The Chesapeake Oil Can is an inspired touch, as is the uniform bonfire. A whole lotta bitterness in that piece, which is exactly what I'm feeling these days. Perfect synopsis of a craptacular situation. Well done, Raf!

chunkstyle23 said...

Thanks. I also like the seeming futility of pouring a cup of coffee on a bonfire. Again, it'd be fantastic if he really did have a bajillion more cups in reserve. Figuratively speaking.

Anonymous said...

Well done as always. Howard Schultz wishes he looked that good!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! You didn't need to worry about the nametag for McClendon, though; the cariacture (sp?) was dead-on, right down to his whiny little face.

Love the site!

Paul said...

The Wheedle is not creepy! (except in my profile pic)

Great work, my friend.

kdoublec said...

forget coffee. how about urine?

Baltazar said...

this is beautiful. i'm going to kinkos and printing enough copies to decoupage my living room walls.


Anonymous said...

I don't know what decoupage means, but I'm going to put some up on the wall.

Nice work, man.

AB said...

Chunky is a stud

Anonymous said...

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