Thursday, May 22

15 Years Ago Today

May 22, 1993. Sonics 103-Houston 100, Game 7, Western Conference Semifinals.

Looking at that boxscore, the first item that reaches out and grabs me by the collar is the Sonics' bench for that game:

Eddie Johnson
Nate McMillan
Dana Barros
Michael Cage

Why does that grab my attention, you ask? Because all four of those reserves would start for this year's team, and it wouldn't even be a question.

To help remember the game, enjoy this bit of nostalgia, as Ricky Pierce attempts to completely fold his body in half while preparing for his free throws.


Paul said...

And GP went 2-14 with one assist! How did we win that one?

Anonymous said...

Haha just what I was thinking. And Kemp didn't do much better, way to show up for game 7 fellas...

Anonymous said...

In February of 1993, the trade whereby Benoit Benjamin -- along with the draft rights of Doug Christie, who was a goddamn jackass for holding out -- was dealt for for Sam Perkins (a.k.a., "Big Smooth") ended up being a masterful stroke of genius by "Trader" Bob Whitsitt.