Thursday, May 22

Gary Payton of Poultry

After watching this long-forgotten ad for the Sonics I wondered, in what universe was this ever a high-quality production?

Snarky superiority of modern technology aside, it does make you long for those days when slapping anything up there with a Sonics logo was good enough to work. Bonus points for the "Ticket Packages from $60."

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Anonymous said...

You know which ads I absolutely loved (and have yet to find on the 'net, although I haven't checked in months) were the comic book style ones circa '94. The Glove, "The Brain" Coach Karl, Rain Boy ("yo, that's Rain Man!"), and so forth. I'd have to say those were the best ads the Sonics had ever done, but the Gary Payton of Poultry / Coach Karl of Chemistry set comes in a close second.

If anyone has seen them floating around online, please please PLEASE post a URL!!!