Wednesday, May 14

Still Groovin' After All These Years

I know a Sonic fan's favorite playoff memory should be of a championship, or of a fantastic shot that wins the game in the dying moments, but my favorite playoff memory is just Sam Perkins.

Not any shot, not any moment in particular, but just the way he always seemed to contribute a three whenever the Sonics needed one, especially back in the spring of 1993 when it seemed as though the Sonics were the best team in basketball.

The problem with rooting for players is that their personal lives are often a shambles, and their off-court actions erode your fervor for them.

Fortunately, for every Shawn Kemp, there's a Sam Perkins. And, for further evidence of why Sam Perkins is quite possibly the coolest former Seattle Supersonic, watch this video.


Anonymous said...

Someone show this to Durant and Green!

Anonymous said...

That's good stuff, indeed.

Although I'm not an advocate for any of the mainstream presidential candidates, the intense contempt that I have for John McCain and Hillary Clinton outweighs my all-around apathy toward Barack Obama.

Nonetheless, the mossbacked hillbillies of West Virginia -- who are a collection of ignorant, bigoted yokels stuck in the rustic region known as Appalachia -- make me disgruntled with my fellow Americans. While some of y'all have been mocking so-called Okie hicks, I've got more respect for them than these uneducated ignoramuses from the insular hinterland.

Dammit, religious zealots, ethnocentric xenophobes, close-minded racists, and superpatriotic jingoes apparently compose a majority of the United States' citizenry. Dismayingly, this is a nation that seems to be heavily populated with reactionary retards whose ultraconservative, illiberal cultural values are antiquated bullshit.

Yeah, far-right fanatics are obsolete in my mind.

Anyhow, if Obama is going to reign victorious in the 2008 United States presidential election, then he needs to win the Mountain West states of Nevada and Colorado, the Midwestern states of Iowa and Missouri, the Rust Belt states of Michigan and Pennsylvania, and the New England state of New Hampshire.

Obama should easily keep Oregon, Minnesota, and Wisconsin in the Democratic fold; however, it's unlikely that he'll win the bellwether states of New Mexico, Ohio, Arkansas, and Florida -- which could've hypothetically swung Clinton's way -- but he probably won't need those electoral votes to defeat McCain.

All right, that's enough politics from me.