Friday, May 23

Fun With Charts

Thought I would put together a demonstration of how Kevin Durant fared this season, on a month by month basis. The first chart lists his numbers on a per 36 minute basis.

The second chart shows his percentages from the field.

Some quick observations:

-Durant greatly enhanced his game by laying off the 3-pointers after the first couple months of the season.

-While there was not a consistent rise in production over the course of the season, it can be argued correctly that he was definitely a better player at the end of the season than at the beginning. In that respect, PJ Carlesimo and his staff deserve recognition. Could he have played better? Yes. Was it a waste of time to completely stick him at SG the entire season with only minimal time at SF? Also yes.


Anonymous said...

Am I the only one experiencing a stunning lack of charts?

Anonymous said...

Worked once I guessed the link and put it into my address bar:

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip I was confused too

Anonymous said...

Hard to say how much credit the coaching staff should get. Depends on how much he figured it out himself or they consciously let him figure it out vs changing his instruction late in year. If it was instruction that changed Durant late I'd wonder a bit why they waited that long. If he "figured it out himself" in the freedom PJ and Presti gave him I guess that deserves some credit and maybe that experience will make the learning last. If he truly figured it out himself or in reaction to his critics or with help of Nike and his image managers then the coaching staff might not deserve a lot of credit. hard to say.