Friday, May 23

McLendon Speaks

In court, anyways, Aubrey McClendon is as candid as he can be in explaining the salacious emails between himself and Clay Bennett.

In that vein, Eric Williams of the TNT links to a story from the Daily Oklahoman wherein McClendon explains that when he said to a Oklahoma reporter that "We didn't buy the team to keep it in Seattle; we hoped to come here," what he meant to say was that "we hoped to come here" if an arena deal couldn't be worked out.

Oh, brother.

As I said before, I'm beyond getting angry at these fools and their comments. At this point, the whole Clay Bennett-David Stern-Aubrey McClendon love triangle has reached farcical levels previously reached only by Donald Rumsfield.

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The Dean said...

You gotta see this;
OKC rated worse the Baghdad as "Hell's on Earth"