Tuesday, May 27

Expert Picks

Here are how others see the Sonics leaning with the first round:

CHAD FORD, espn.com
#4: "[Jerryd] Bayless is an excellent athlete who can really shoot. Of all the combo guards in the draft, he also has shown the most ability, so far, to run the point. Luke Ridnour and Earl Watson have not taken excelled at the position in Seattle. So, of the first four picks in the draft, this one looks like the closest to a lock."
#24: Serge Ibaka

#4: Bayless
#24: Alexis Ajinca

#4: Bayless
#24: Kosta Koufos

Also, DraftExpress notes that the Sonics are appearing to "lock in" on Bayless (making me wonder - who was first with the "lock," Chad Ford or DraftExpress?). Apparently, Sam Presti thinks Bayless would be a good fit alongside either Earl Watson or Luke Ridnour "until he's ready to man the position full-time."

Which makes me think: Who cares? Ridnour is expected to be traded very soon, and Watson is probably on the trading block as well. Five years from now, will it have been a good decision to have selected Jerryd Bayless to play alongside Watson or Ridnour when neither of them are on the roster?

Of course not. By that point, the two existing PGs on this roster will have as much relevance to Seattle's fortunes as Danny Vranes or Gus Williams - none. I'm not saying that Presti is thinking this way - in fact, I doubt he is - but it always frustrates me when "experts" make decisions for a team's future based upon players who will be gone from the roster in the near future.

It's not that I think Bayless is a bad choice, although I wonder about his ability to function as a combo guard in the NBA with his lack of point guard experience, it's that making a choice based on soon-to-be-irrelevant players is rather foolish. Add to the fact that the Sonics would be expecting a guy who has never played full-time at point guard to be their point guard of the future and, well, is that really a smart move?


Anonymous said...

With Jerryd Bayless reportedly being Sam Presti's main target, the Seattle SuperSonics might need to make some major moves.

Unless Presti can obtain a point guard who's got the size and strength to adequately defend opposing shooting guards (e.g., Kirk Hinrich), then Bayless' flaws -- which are undeveloped playmaking skills and subpar defense -- will be exploited each and every game.

All in all, Bayless' overall quickness, smooth mid-range jumper, and tenacity at driving to the basket are definitely positive traits; nonetheless, those aforementioned drawbacks of his concern me more than anything.

Lastly, the Sonics should have nothing to do with Alexis Ajinca, Kosta Koufos, or Serge Ibaka. I'm sick and tired of this goddamn franchise taking huge risks with unproven foreign prospects.

Anonymous said...

Keep Ridnour and trade Watson.


Anonymous said...

It makes sense that the Bulls/Sonics would deal Watson/filler for Hinrich if for nothing else that Hinrich needs a fresh start, and that Bayless needs time to develop. Plus it would help the Sonics move a frontcourt player to allow Durant to move back to his natural position. Why aren't more people not understanding that Durant is not a SG?

mcwalter44 said...

Bayless, a thinking man's Monta Ellis. If you want to see the type of player that Bayless will become look no further than to #8 for the Golden State Warriors.

AK is right on about what Bayless' flaws are. I'd argue that his "play making" ability is solid but his ball distribution is questionable. Personally, I'd rather gamble on Westbrooke.

CLanterman said...

How can someone so athletic not be able to play D? That's always disappointing. If for some reason we can't get Mayo, I'd be very upset. He clearly rounds out the top three in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I think Presti will make good moves. Bayless is an efficient offensive player who is fast and displays playmaking potential. If the Sonics could balance it out with some defenders (shot blocker or perimeter defenders?) to make up for his suspect D, the Sonics could be okay. Mayo could also be another option, and can D up, but will take questionable shots from time to time, but also can really score. So whoever the Sonics take at 4 hopefully will be really good. I'd really hope for either Bayless or Mayo.