Monday, July 28

Harlequin Bureau

As you know doubt have heard by now, typing in redirected the reader to a site devoted to two very nice ladies involved in some sort of decorating business. Deadspin spread the word about the humorous bit of misdirection and we all had a nice laugh.

So, imagine my surprise today when I typed in, and this turned up. It's a video of the song Just Dreamin' from the group Harlequin Bureau.

The group's MySpace page notes that the band's influences include The Cure and New Order, which, ccoincidentally, are the same bands Clay Bennett took his wife to on their first date (and, yes, that's a joke).

Not sure what any of this discombobulation of websites means, but perhaps someone in the band's management company is just a frustrated Seattle Sonics fan like the rest of us.

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