Wednesday, July 2

O Canada

So I take a four-day vacation from the site to enjoy the wonderfulness of Canada Day, and what do I miss?

- Sonics watch Serge Ibaka walk away to Spain - an event not entirely unexpected.
- Mickael Gelabale and the Sonics severe their ties
- Earl Watson broke his thumb, and will likely be out for up to four months, possibly putting the brakes on the expected Luke Ridnour Sweepstakes, but possibly not
- The Sonics announced their summer league roster

And, finally, today is the big day, court-wise. Judge Pechman will announce her decision at 4 pm via the court's web site, and speculation is running rampant.

Obviously, everyone is an expert in these sorts of things, regardless of their knowledge of the case. Personally, I have no idea whatsoever how she will rule, but that doesn't preclude me from offering a guess. After all, what is a blog for if not for uniformed guesswork?

So, allow me my two cents to say that Pechman will rule for the team, with an outside chance she goes totally off the map and doesn't issue a ruling at all, instead rolling this case up with the Schultz lawsuit. Call it pessimism, call it fatigue, call it what you wish, but while I'm not entirely convinced one way or the other after a week's worth of testimony, I just have a gut instinct that's how it is going to fall.

Feel free to chime in with your expert opinions in the comments section.


Michael said...

I think that the ruling will come down on the side of the City in that I think that the judge will rule that the Team can leave IF both sides come to an agreement for a buy out of the lease.

Then, it would come down to whether or not the City would be willing to accept a buy out

If that was the ruling ... If I was Seattle, I would tell Clay Bennett and company ... Pay off Key Arena + give us about $10 mil for our trouble + give us the rights to the Sonics name and history ... otherwise you are going to be setting here for two years.

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