Wednesday, July 23

A Word

I thought that before we dive in and commence with the honorations and hollerations, perhaps it would be a good idea to explain just what in the heck this SuperSonicSoul Hall of Fame is.

First, it is NOT:

1. A statistical list of the greatest players in Sonic history. That's boring, and you don't need us for that; you can just spend 10 minutes at for that sort of thing.

2. The funniest players in team history, or the coolest hairdos, or anything like that. This is (slightly) more serious than that. Although, now that you mention it, who would win a Hair-Off between Jack "Dutchboy" Sikma and Michael "Soul-Glo" Cage? And would that be the final pairing, or can we fit Slick Watts in there for his (lack of) hair? And what about Mickael Gelabale, where does he fit in? Would he win a Braid-Off against Chris Wilcox? But I digress ...

This IS:

1. Our list of who we feel are the 10 greatest players in Sonic history, based on 1 part statistics and 3 parts emotion.

2. Our move to preserve the history of the team.

3. A great chance for Sonic fans to spill their guts about their favorite players, and to share their memories of same.

The plan is thus - first, on every Thursday we'll announce the inductee with a glowing tribute combining Chunk's talents with Photoshop and mine with a typewriter. On every Friday, we'll present a favorite memory of said inductee from each of the three of us, some musical background from Paul, a few YouTube videos, and whatever else we can scrounge up. In the comments, you can purge your soul of your favorite memory of the inductee; whether that be the time you bumped into Gary Payton coming out of a strip club, or the time you spilled half a can of Rainier all over your sofa when Kemp dunked on Lister in the playoffs, or when you got into a near-fistfight with a Blazer fan about the relative merits of Nate McMillan and Terry Porter (raises hand meekly).

Now you know where we're coming from. See you tomorrow.

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