Wednesday, July 23

Supersonicsoul Hall of Fame: First Inductee Tomorrow!

Oh man, just wait 'til you get a load of Pete's introduction "speech" for our first ever inductee. It'll make you weep.

Speculating on the first member of The Most Esteemed Make-Believe Sports Hall of Fame may begin... nnnow.


Paul said...

Frank Brickowski!


Anonymous said...

Michael Cage!

Seriously, it's not Michael Cage, right? If it's not one of the Holy Trinity of Kemp-Payton-X then I'm demanding a refund on my subscription to this website. And I don't want no stinkin' credit, neither.

chunkstyle23 said...

Have faith, dude, we're going to get the most obvious legends and memorable benchwarmers and some folks in between. We've got a lot of time to kill until the NBA comes crawling back into town. God forbid we wait so long we're enshrining dudes like Shammond Williams and Joe Forte.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'd hate to be stuck in that particular wing of the SuperSonicSoul Hall of Fame mansion.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see Howard Schultz enshrined in carbonite so he could be unfrozen for a day and publicly flogged, once every decade or so.