Friday, July 25

Stern to Schultz: Watch Out

Apparently, hypocrisy is not limited televangelists and Republican congressmen.

According to Greg Johns' article in the Seattle PI today, Howard Schultz received an interesting phone call from one David Stern around the time of the settlement between the city of Seattle and Clay Bennett.

You'll recall that Bennett and Stern both claimed the city was trying to bleed them dry and force a sale, a tactic the two of them bemoaned at every opportunity. Stern, especially, turned his personal Sarcast-O-Meter up to 11 at the press conference announcing the relocation of the team, and minced no words in disparaging the city's motivations.

And, yet, here's Stern less than four months later, in conversation with Schultz after Schultz refused to sign on with the settlement agreement. According to the former Sonic owner, Stern said that "if I did not join in the settlement, I should realize it will become very expensive for me and my partners and he implied that I should reconsider my position."

Normally, at this point, the author could throw in an "unbelieveable" or "this is ridiculous" comment about Stern, but, honestly, is there anything this Castro-esque figure can say that will surprise us anymore? Stern's message to Schultz isn't that his lawsuit is impossible or without merit, but that it would "become very expensive," the classic line used by the mafia and cigarette companies.

Congratulations, Mr. Stern. Just when we thought you couldn't get more petty and manipulative, you manage to surprise us once again.


Anonymous said...

You are calling Stern petty? Jeez, put up some of the hateful, childish, petty comments you have been posting on OKC media sites and let your readers see how petty - and hypocritical - you are. Oh, and as for posting this anonymously, well that's a lot more honest than you calling yourself "Paul from Yukon."

Anonymous said...

What the heck are you talking about? Believe me, if any of us posted on an OKC media site, we'd be more than willing to sign our names to it. If people from Seattle are posting on OKC media sites, it's not the 3 people who run this site. Believe me, it's hard enough to come up with 3 paragraphs worth of material to fill up our site; I'm not about to start giving it away for free to someone else!

chunkstyle23 said...

Yeah dude, it ain't us. I for one steer clear of any OKC-friendly sites 'cuz it's bad for my blood pressure. If "Yukon Paul" is posting under the auspices of this site, that's bad form indeed.

See, I started this blog here with my friends as an outlet for my thoughts and nonsense. So I wouldn't need to go starting up mess in hostile territory to satisfy some sick craving for attention.


Anonymous said...

i found this website for your own kind:

there you can talk shit about us or anything you want all you want on your own site!

what bugs me in particular is that they would belittle KC's contributions as being the voice or OUR team for so many years. Anyways, go blog on that and leave the REAL Sonics fan to ours.

It's pretty obvious Stern's trying to bully everyone around. I used to think he was a pretty good commish until recently for obvious reasons. But he's fallen hard, looks more and more like a money hungry control freak, and if the doneghy scandal gets uglier, his days will be numbered.