Monday, September 8

Over There

To hardcore followers of overseas basketball, this is far from news, but for those of us barely able to remember the player movements in our own country, I thought this might be interesting.

In addition to Shawn Kemp, there are quite a few other former NBA/NCAA "stars" (I use that word very loosely) currently residing in the Italian League's Serie A. Among them:

Dan Dickau – Air Avellino
Reece Gaines – Angelico Biella
Randolph Childress – Cimberio Varese
Brandon Jennings – Lottomattica
Tyus Edney - Upea Capo D'orlando
Jermaine Jackson - Snaidero Udine
Qyntel Woods – Upim Bologna
Joe Forte – Upim Bolonga

From what I understand, Upim Bologna is really counting on Forte to finally capitalize on his potential this season. This could be his break-out year.


Anonymous said...

Once Jerome James is released by the New York Knicks, he's heading overseas to finish the job on Joe Forte. Of course, that's so long as good ol' "Big Snacks" doesn't get distracted by all the amazing restaurants in Italy.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that luring Kemp and JJ to Italy is just a plot by the government to increase the country's GDP. Their restaurant tabs alone ought to kick up the gross revenues for Italy by 5%, and 10% if you include deli meats.

Anonymous said...

Joe Forte? Really? That's something to rely on...