Thursday, April 9


Among the players to have worn #40 in a Sonics jersey:

Shawn Kemp - Which, of course, you already knew.

James Donaldson - Who will, possibly, be the next mayor of Seattle.

Gar Heard - Former Sonic who became known as the coach of one of the worst teams in NBA history, the '92-'93 Mavericks, as well as for his famous desperation shot in the NBA Finals while with the Suns.

Dave Corzine - Nothing famous about Corzine, although his nickname of "Lumber" was certainly apt.

Joe Forte - A miserable career with the Sonics, during which he became more renowned for his off-court troubles than his on-court production. The fact the Sonics allowed someone to wear this number after Kemp left is an unspeakable disgrace.

Tim McCormick - Now a TV analyst for the Big 10 Network, McCormick combined the grace of Dave Corzine with the fluidity of Alton Lister.

Russ Schoene - His forgettable career will no doubt pale in comparison to the notoriety he will receive from Kevin Pelton's SCHOENE projection system.

Mike Bantom - Little known in Sonic history, Bantom has gone on to become the NBA's Senior Vice President of Player Development.

Marvin Webster - RIP.

John Brisker - A fantastic, albeit fiery, player, Brisker disappeared in Uganda in 1978. Was he killed by a firing squad bent on vengeance against Idi Amin's regime? Is he still alive? It's really anyone's guess.

So there you have it. A famed shot-blocker now gone, a top NBA executive, a man-child whose face graced posters across the country, the name of a top statistician's projection system, a possible future mayor, and a man (maybe) killed in the jungles of Africa.

If nothing else, it's certainly an interesting group.


Sweva said...

What about James Bailey, didn't he wear #40 a couple years after Marvin left the club?

The link for Marvin goes to a P.I. photo that brings up a little known factoid about the history of the Sonic uniform.

They had those Celtic-lookalike hunter green and yellow unis with the serif cap lettering in the 1977-78 ~ until the playoffs began.

If my memory is correct, what became known as the "classic" Sonics uniform (with the Helvetica lettering in the banner) first made its appearance at the BEGINNING of the 1978 playoffs.

The only reason I'd remember that is from attending 30 games over the course of that season and sitting on the floor with a pregnant Maderia Webster and my folks.

Sweva said...

My bad, Bailey wore #20.

anonymous said...

The fact the Sonics allowed someone to wear this number after Kemp left is an unspeakable disgrace.

These kinda things happen when you practically beg your way off of a contending team just because your agent blundered your contract, making you unable to make more than the free agent that was signed prior to the season.

Paul said...

Am I the only one befuddled by the need for a "Big 10" network?

There are now, officially, too many damn channels.

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