Friday, April 24


After watching the exciting finish to last night's Jazz-Lakers game, I could only help but wonder:

What if Carlos Boozer had stayed in Cleveland?

It's a lot to imagine, certainly, but the thought of Boozer being an option at the 4 instead of Ben Wallace, and thereby allowing LeBron James just a bit more freedom, well, it makes you ponder just how incredible LBJ's stats would be then. It's been five years since the contract shenanigans of the summer of 2004, but as the Cavs get closer and closer to the Finals, having someone with Boozer's skills at the power forward position would certainly be nice to have.


TheWizofUtah said...

Right now, Jazz fans are in a love-hate relationship with the guy because of his missing 43-44 games with that injury this season, the whole opting-out deal, and his general lack of defense.
Whether you agree with us or not, 20 points and 10 rebounds and the high-performance is better than most, though Paul Millsap has shown Utah fans what he's capable of.
I'd hate to see he or Millsap go this summer, but general management has a lot of decisions to make then. For now, hopefully Boozer will stay good and Millsap can do his thing to keep the Jazz in the series with the Lakers.

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