Tuesday, April 7

Roy Williams

Not sure where this fits in an NBA blog, but am I the only one who feels his skin crawl when Roy Williams smiles?

I really had little interest in this year's tournament (its boringness has been dissected elsewhere), but when Williams and UNC appeared on the screen Monday night, well, it was quite easy to find a rooting interest.

At one time, there were NBA coaches who generated that sort of animosity (this guy for one; maybe him; and this fella bugged a few people a decade ago, but not so much anymore), but that era has sort of ended, no? Of the 30 coaches working right now, is there anyone who gets people riled up?

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ryan said...

I'd nominate Gregg Popovich, except he seems to be utterly devoid of personality, so there's not much to hate. It's kind of like hating a watch strap. Also, the fact that Kenny Natt, Tony Dileo, Ed Tapscott, and Michael Curry are head coaches, while Fratello, Van Gundy and Hubie Brown are watching from the grandstands is kind of weird, no?