Thursday, April 2

Future Cards: Greg Oden

greg oden future card

greg oden future card


Anonymous said...

lol...Mr. Button, I presume..funny..but how did Mr. Button/Sam Bowie II get to Cleveland?

ryan said...

LBJ and a couple of future picks to Portland for Oden and Raef LaFrentz Jr.'s contract, which still has 3 years and $78 million left on it.

Paul said...

I totally didn't get the Benjamin Butt reference until Anon pointed it out. I was like "Guh?".

Nicely done, Nuss!

Anonymous said... according to ryan, LBJ does resign with Cleveland..and gets sent off to rip city in the end.. what a classy move by the Cav's front office...

ryan said...

I was thinking that towards the end of the run, he'd already won some titles in Cleveland, and he had some sort of deal with Nike (who, by this time, had bought the Blazers after Paul Allen went in on the Sonics with Ballmer, et al) that he would play at least a couple of years there. No ill-will on either side.

Yep, this is what it's like to be a Sonics fan these days ...

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