Monday, April 27

Gee, Bob, I Can Think of a Couple ...

Robert Irsay, owner of the Indianapolis Colts, as told to the AP. Irsay is referring to the city of Indianaplis' desire to renegotiate their stadium deal with the Colts, owing to the funding shortfall the stadium authority has experienced.

"What business would come in and negotiate with the city and the state for three or four years and get all the details ironed out, and then three or four months after you're in the building have them say that doesn't really matter and then take your brand and rake it over the coals."

What kind of business? Well, there's this guy, who decided he didn't like his building less than a decade after it was built, and who tried to renegotiate his lease even though there was still close to five years left on it. Or this guy, who pulled a team out of town even though they still had a year left on their lease.

Or, maybe, this kind of business, the kind which promises to let the mayor of the city in which it resides of a phone call if it decides to move, then gets 15 moving vans to load up in the middle of the night and haul ass for Indianapolis. Sorry, Bob, but people who pull that kind of stuff don't get the right to act sanctimonious.

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