Friday, April 24

Ed Murray to Cougs: How You Like These Apples?

Sen. Ed Murray, frustrated with Washington State University antagonists who have, perhaps, derailed SB 6116 (the KeyArena/Husky Stadium bill), has decided that he will take their argument to its logical conclusion:

You don't want state money going to Husky Stadium? Fine, I'll create an amendment that not only forbids the University of Washington from getting funds, but Washington State as well.

You can smell the burning anger in Murray's voice when he tells the Times' Jim Brunner, "I have heard the message loud and clear, state taxes should not be used for sports."

What does this mean for the bill, still living in purgatory in the State Senate? It's now a bit more likely that passage is possible, in that any WSU supporter with an ounce of common sense knows that passage of Murray's amendment would seriously cripple the renovation of Martin Stadium in Pullman, in that WSU athletic department currently receives in excess of $2 million per year from the university, money that would dry up and float away should Murray's amendment go through.

WSU fans: Wake up - this is not a UW vs WSU thing, here. This is a Seattle vs. Clay Bennett thing. By opposing this bill, you are supporting Clay Bennett. Ask yourself: Is that really the side of the equation in which you want reside?

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