Monday, April 20

Senate Passes Bill; House Next?

As reported by numerous folks (but first by SonicsCentral), the Washington State Senate's Ways and Means Committee has passed bill 6116, legislation which would enable the city of Seattle to access the car rental/food and beverage taxes for the improvement of KeyArena.

The bill still must be passed by the full Senate and the House before it becomes law, and it is this last aspect of the process which may prove to be the most difficult.

There is, as always, a time crunch involved. The legislature will adjourn at the end of the week, and if the bill has not passed by that time, Clay Bennett will breath a $30 million sigh of relief, the amount of money the Sonix owner agreed to pay the city if NBA doesn't send a new team to KeyArena by 2013.

Honestly, folks, if you're interested in seeing the Sonics back in Seattle, or if, rather, you like seeing Clay Bennett pay for things he'd rather not, then perhaps you ought to call your House or Senate representative.

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