Wednesday, April 29

More McClendon

BusinessWeek, Muckety, and check in with more withering criticism of Aubrey McClendon. You know, if ol' Aubrey wasn't such a greedy, self-aggrandizing con artist, I'd almost feel badly for him.

Well, maybe not.

If you're too busy to graze the articles, allow me to pull out some of the choicer quotes:

Karen Finerman, in reply to the statement that McClendon received such a massive bonus last year because he created unique opportunities for Chesapeake Energy: "That's his job. What else is he supposed to do?"

Chesapeake investor Jeffrey Bronchick (his firm holds 1.18 million shares), in a letter to the CHK board: "I have never seen a more shameful document than the Chesapeake proxy statement. If I could reduce it to one page, I would frame and hang it on my office wall as a near perfect illustration of the complete collapse of appropriate corporate governance.”

Aubrey McClendon, Shmuck: "Our [SEC filing] speaks for itself we believe."

Attorney Marc Gross, on CHK's purchase of $12 million worth of art from Aubrey: "There's no purpose served by an oil company buying art. It's not a museum."

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