Tuesday, April 21

Nice Work If You Can Get It

And your highest-paid CEO for 2008 is ...

Aubrey McClendon!

Thanks to a $77 million bonus/extortion in December, the co-owner of the Sonix pulled down an estimated $112 million in 2008, putting him #1 on the list of overpaid jerkoffs who ruined the American economy and will force my grandchildren to make socks for their Chinese overlords ...

Whew, sorry about that. Anyhow, Ben Casselman of the WSJ reports that McClendon's haul puts him above such noteworthy performers as Sanjay Jha/Motorola ($104 mil), Robert Iger/Disney ($49.7 mil), and Alex Rodriguez/Yankees ($28 mil +/- Madonna).

In an unrelated piece of news, Chesapeake Energy posted a net loss of $866 million in 2008.


anonymous #12 said...


See your name in lightsI'm patiently waiting... don't make me sic X-Man on your asses!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry but that "in an unrelated peice of news" Made me laugh harder than I have in years. So true

PN said...

Holy crap - I can't believe I dropped the ball on the fantasy league. In my defense, my wife had a baby in December and I pretty much forgot all about the league around that time - does that work as an excuse?

Anyhow, shoot me an email at supersonicsoul AT hotmail DOT com with your info, and I'll forward along the prize that I picked up last October.

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