Tuesday, April 14

Wilkens Honored

Former Sonics coach, player, and general franchise icon Lenny Wilkens will be inducted into the African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame on Saturday, May 2 at a ceremony in Bellevue.

In addition to Wilkens, such renowed Seattle names as Zaid Abdul-Aziz, Otis Sistrunk, Lorenzo Romar, and James Donaldson will be honored at the event, held at The Outback Steakhouse. Ticket information for the event can be found here. According to the foundation's website, the AAESHOF is dedicated to the development of opportunities for young, less fortunate youth to gain exposure to positive aspects of life, and to broaden the public's understanding of African American/Ethnic history and the role of diversity and cultural tolerance in the growth of professional sports.


Hacksaw said...

Congrats, Lenny, but . . . The Outback Steakhouse?

Am I the only one thinking that, if you MUST hold an induction for the African American Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame at a national chain casual dining restaurant, the Red Lobster might have been a slightly better choice?

I mean Outback? Come on!! That's like holding the White Ethnic Sports Hall of Fame induction at Popeye's Chicken & Biscuits instead of the local Whole Foods.

nuss said...

You probably didn't see it, but read the final paragraph of the release I linked to (or be lazy and read it here):

The event is sponsored in part by Outback Steakhouse, Ethiopian Airlines, and Amtrak.Amtrak?

Anonymous said...

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