Tuesday, October 6

NHL in Seattle? Oh, Come On

Whenever I read articles such as this one by Susan Slusser on Fanhouse, this single thought always comes to mind:

Do we Sonic diehards sound this ridiculous to non-basketball fans?

Slusser makes the argument that since the Sonics have packed up and left Seattle, it's a great time for the NHL to lay down a sheet of ice and get to work. Of course:

1. There is no arena
2. There is no youth hockey
3. There is no arena
4. There is no arena

Of course, there's nothing that a new arena couldn't solve. And, hey, we know how willing Seattle is to build new arenas for pro sports teams, right? Sure, they said no to a franchise that had been in the city longer than any other pro sports team in the city's history, but what makes you think they would say no to hockey? I mean, geez, Seattle has such a long and storied history with hockey, right?

Oh, and, hey, Seattle loves the Sounders, and since they love the Sounders they'll love anything we throw at them! Okay, sure, pro soccer has been in Seattle for three decades, and everybody in the city played soccer from the age of 6 to 11, and there's a large Latino population that helps to augment that soccer fandom.

But, you know what? I saw a guy in a Canadiens cap yesterday, and he said he'd go to the games, and his buddy, Gord, said he's down for whenever the Oilers are in town, so that's like two guys right there!


You know, I get the distinct impressions that as Slusser was writing the article, the prevailing thought floating through her head had to have been: "How the heck am I going to fill my column today?"


Andrew in Chicago said...

Forget the NHL, Anaheim has that covered. Just bring the Sonics back! Get an expansion team to Seattle and name them the Sonics! (I know thats a lot harder than it sounds but its do-able!)

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but hockey is the stupidest sport ever..you are on skates, chasing after piece of rubber..how gay is that..

No to NHL please! I would take CBA or even a NBDL team before NHL...

Anonymous said...

Actually DC does have hockey in its root. Seattle was the first team to win the Stanley cup in the US. Also Junior hockey is thriving here in the Northwest.

There have been a few players recently drafted from places like everette. Ackerly didn't want NHL competition, thus why the key was built the way it was. Kind of screwed us over in the end though.

- Jason

Andrew in Chicago said...

Ok you are dumb you can make that case for any sport. Football is dumb all you do is where tight pants and tackle men with pigskin. Basketball is dumb all you do is throw a leather ball towards a circle. Lame. And baseball is dumb all you do is hit a ball with a piece of wood. Thats not that hard. I would rather have a competitive dance competition or the olympics before those sports. See? did that sounds like you. Garbage licker

Anonymous said...

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