Friday, November 13

NBA Attendance: Brief Notes

I'll have some graphs and such on Monday (too few games to generate anything worth looking at thus far), but here's some short notes, Harper's Index style of what's happened so far.

Number of times the Jazz failed to sell out the Delta Center in their last 164 regular season games: 1
Number of times it happened in their first four games this season: 2

Average attendance at the first four Pistons games in last two seasons: 22,076
Average attendance at the first four from this year: 17,541

Change in overall attendance in the first two games of this NBA season compared to the first two games of last season: -22,462

Number of teams who have seen attendance decreases: 19
Number who have increased or remained the same: 11


Brad Gregory said...

Well, well, many of us have waited for this day? After years of David Stern lying to us, spitting in our faces, telling us the refs don't favor star players WITH A STRAIGHT FACE, handing a beloved franchise to his cronies, whoring out the integrity of the game for Nike shoebucks...I'm laughing.

It will be even funnier when the first owner who has justified losing money season-to-season with the thought that "I can sell the team for nine-figure profit any time." realizes he can't. Realizes it's just like the housing bubble, that pro franchise valuations are an "Emperor's New Clothes" kind of thing...I think Stern bails before this happens, coz it's going to be UUUUGLY. With a capital ug.

Kevin said...

Is this a comparison to last year's attendance to date? Generally, attendance is weaker earlier in the season.

nuss said...

Yes. The comparison is the first two games of last season vs. the first two games of last season because, as you mention, attendance tends to increase as the season progresses.

My interest is this: Last season, ticket packages (season tickets, multi-game packages etc) were all sold prior to the stock market meltdown in October 08, meaning most teams were already mildly set despite the recession. This is not the case in 2009-10, so we could be on the verge of some very poor numbers.

TheFlyingFloyd said...

I can understand about the league not being able to sell out arenas, but I think the case with the Jazz is that it's more a case of the team's on-court performance so far this season (blown leads to Houston, Sacramento at home). If the Jazz start winning on a consistent basis, then the fans should be there.

I think Stern will bail before some large league-wide implosion, as well. He's not going to admit any wrong-doing here. It's a sad case with him and his "get-rich-quick" scheming (letting the Sonics move to OKC); it's almost like he owes some big money to mobsters, and things won't be getting better soon.

nuss said...

I agree about Stern, but to say the Jazz aren't selling out because they're not winning is a bit of a stretch, no? Going into their game on Nov. 5, they were 2-3, which isn't exactly horrible, and they failed to sell out. Maybe the best answer is that it's a little from column A and column B.

Anonymous said...

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James is averaging 29.6 points per game, second in the NBA to Denver's Carmelo Anthony (29.7). Riding a six-game winning streak, the Cavaliers have the league's best record at 36-11.

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