Saturday, April 6

Seattle Supersonics great Xavier McDaniel: Ultimate Sonics Fan

Artwork by Rafael Calonzo, Jr. 
Seattle Supersonics legend Xavier McDaniel is just as bitter about Oklahoma as we are.

McDaniel, whose alma mater Wichita State is playing in the Final Four this weekend, had some interesting comments in this great interview with Jerry Brewer:

Lenny Wilkens and the Sonics drafted him No. 4 overall in 1985, and the X-Man averaged 20 points and seven rebounds per game in five-plus seasons as Seattle's highly skilled enforcer. 
"Trust me when I tell you that there are only three cities in my mind: my hometown — Columbia, S.C. — Wichita and Seattle," McDaniel said. "Man, I love Seattle. I played in other cities during my NBA career, but I'm all Seattle SuperSonics. 
"I don't care. I would never, ever, ever go to Oklahoma City (where the Sonics relocated five years ago). I don't care how many times they invite me. I'll hold my word to that until the day I die." 
Like nearly everyone who loves the Sonics, McDaniel has been watching the fight between Seattle and Sacramento over the Kings franchise. He wants a franchise back in Seattle desperately, but he hates the idea that Sacramento might have to be robbed for that to happen. McDaniel still hopes for expansion, even though NBA commissioner David Stern says expansion isn't an option right now.
Read the whole interview here.

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