Thursday, January 19

Karma for Seattle?

You can rev up all the lame jokes about the Sonics and Earl Watson, because according to the NY Post, Chucky Atkins is headed for Memphis, which means they (Memphis) are out of the "Earl Sweepstakes," such as it was, which means the Sonics could be Watson's next destination.

Does it really make any difference, though? Well, according to, it might. Watson is the top-ranked Denver player in +/-, and, unlike Frodo, he can play a lick of defense. While Watson's and Ridnour's PERs are remarkably similar on offense, when they grab their shorts and assume the position on defense, dissimilar results emerge. Ridnour allows an eFG of 56%, while Watson's is a paltry 41%, a massive difference.

Now, I'm not saying Earl Watson is going to take us to the promised land, but he would be a heck of a step in the right direction. For his salary info, you can click here. Most trade scenarios involve combinations of Mr. Glass, the Potato, and Flip Murray being dealt to Denver, with some including 3-way deals involving the T-Wolves, who apparently covet Evans and Murray.


chunkstyle23 said...

Pull the trigger! Do SOMETHING, cuz this combination of players ain't working...

Anonymous said...

I like the signing of Detlef as an assistant. I don't like the fact that that's the most encouraging news so far this season.


Anonymous said...


I'll take Ray-Ray's sweetness from 35 feet out any day!!!!