Thursday, January 26

Will they score 200 100?

With the high-scoring Sonics taking on the no-defense Mavs tonight, will we see a repeat of Sunday's shoot-out against the Suns? Who knows, but after a couple of impressive wins on the road, including last night's smackdown of the "Jazz" (there is no Jazz in Utah, people!), there's sure to be a lot more people watching this one than Sunday's game.

Since the game is on TNT, and I'm not blessed with "fancy cable", I shall be listening to the game on the radio, while watching the highly-anticipated 100th episode of Smallville (Someone close to Clark will die tonight! Please don't let it be Chloe!)

Check out the Sonics Insider preview.


Paul said...

O.K., they scored 97. That's almost almost half of 200!

Anonymous said...

Well, calling the mavs "no-defense" is kind of folly when the sonics are THE proverbial WORST team in the league at D. But each to his own, I guess.

Paul said...

Well sure, but I think that's obvious to most of us here at the Soul. What I meant was that they were two all-offense, no-defense teams. And, for the record, I don't have a problem with that kind of team as long as they are winning (like the Mavs). Like I've said before, there's more than one way to win games in the NBA.

That being said, I think the Supes did pretty well last night considering they were missing two starters and playing a first-place team. I think if you look at the games where they've had a full roster, the Sonics are a much better team than they were a month ago.

Keep hope alive!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why Hill didn't put Swift or Collison back in the game in the 2nd half (Swift may have gotten a couple of minutes).

It was a matter of time before carrying 1 PG on the team would bite us; watching Flip run the point is brutal.

That being said, we did play pretty well. Rashard had the quietest 36 and 10 I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Below this paragraph are a couple of trade proposals -- which don't include Vladimir Radmanovic, Reggie Evans, or Ronald "Flip" Murray, since all of them have expiring contracts -- that, if executed by Seattle Supersonics GM Rick Sund, would totally revamp financial problems and talent deficiencies that are currently hindering the franchise:

• The Seattle Supersonics trade small forward Rashard Lewis and power forward Danny Fortson to the Chicago Bulls for power forward Tim Thomas, small forward Eric Piatkowski, shooting guard Eddie Basden, a 2006 first-round draft pick, and a 2006 first-round draft pick [via the New York Knicks].
• The Seattle Supersonics trade center Vitaly Potapenko, the draft rights of power forward Peter Fehse, the draft rights of small forward MickaĆ«l Gelabale, and the draft rights of point guard Paccelis Morlende to the Denver Nuggets for shooting guard Voshon Lenard.

2005-2006 Roster:
Center: Johan Petro ($936,600) [24 m.p.g.]
Center: Robert Swift ($1,764,480) [24 m.p.g.]
Center: Mikki Moore ($1,020,000) [0 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: Reggie Evans ($1,100,000) [24 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: Nick Collison ($1,815,000) [24 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: Tim Thomas ($13,975,000) [Inactive]
Small Forward: Vladimir Radmanovic ($3,166,155) [32 m.p.g.]
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins ($2,500,000) [16 m.p.g.]
Small Forward: Eric Piatkowski ($3,000,000) [Inactive]
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen ($13,223,140) [40 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Voshon Lenard ($3,520,000) [8 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Eddie Basden ($398,762) [0 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour ($1,638,000) [32 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Ronald Murray ($895,248) [16 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Rick Brunson ($1,029,873) [Inactive]

2006-2007 Roster:
Center: Johan Petro ($1,006,800) [24 m.p.g.]
Center: Robert Swift ($1,887,600) [24 m.p.g.]
Center: Mikki Moore ($1,065,918) [0 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: LaMarcus Aldridge ($N/A) [32 m.p.g.] {First-Round Draft Pick}
Power Forward: Nick Collison ($2,501,070) [16 m.p.g.]
Power Forward: J.P. Batista ($412,718) [Inactive] {Second-Round Draft Pick}
Small Forward: Adam Morrison ($N/A) [32 m.p.g.] {First-Round Draft Pick}
Small Forward: Damien Wilkins ($2,700,000) [16 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Ray Allen ($14,611,570) [40 m.p.g.]
Shooting Guard: Brandon Roy ($412,718) [8 m.p.g.] {Second-Round Draft Pick}
Shooting Guard: Eddie Basden ($664,209) [0 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Luke Ridnour ($2,425,878) [32 m.p.g.]
Point Guard: Daniel Gibson ($N/A) [16 m.p.g.] {First-Round Draft Pick}

Anonymous said...

It's not true that Dallas is a "no-defense" team anymore. They have completely changed under Avery Johnson. This season they are giving up less than 94 pts/game.

p.s. AK, Please!
Could you just link the last time you posted that trade. Same damn thing every time. Oh, wait... never mind. I didn't see any mention of Paul Pierce or Scot Pollard. Next time, maybe.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, amazingly enough, those are trade proposals that I hadn't posted prior to this time.

As it is, though, the Vitaly Potapenko rumor mill has been in full gear during the past month, so I just jumped on that bandwagon; conversely, I simply altered my thought process regarding Rashard Lewis, since Boston Celtics President Danny Ainge has just recently overhauled a portion of the ballclub.

Zach said...

AK, I'm sorry, but those are horrid trades. Tim Thomas sucks, and to give up an all-star like Rashard and get crap back would be utterly stupid. Plus, you've given us a roster which has too many overlapping parts. Oh, and there's no way the Sonics should be stockpiling picks in a draft as weak as this one.

Anonymous said...

Okay, while the 2006 NBA Draft may be one of the weakest in recent history, there is no denying the fact that Rashard Lewis is one of the most overrated players in the league.

As it is, Lewis' stats (Team Net +/-: +4.2 & Roland Rating: +5.7) aren't that of an NBA All-Star, but rather an above-average player. Of course, I've already gone over Lewis' defensive ineptitude numerous times, so there is no real reason to rehash it.

At any rate, though, there won't be any guys like Greg Oden 'til the 2007 NBA Draft; yet, that notwithstanding, the 2006 NBA Draft will probably include two potential superstars at small forward (i.e., Adam Morrison & Rudy Gay), a potential superstar at power forward (i.e., LaMarcus Aldridge), and a few potential stars at point guard (i.e., Daniel Gibson, Randy Foye, et al.).

In the end, ultimately, if 'sonics GM Rick Sund were to rid of the overvalued Lewis and have three first-round draft picks in the lottery of the 2006 NBA Draft, then the front office could resolidify the franchise's foundation for the future.

Good Times,

P.S.: The reasoning behind acquiring guys such as Tim Thomas, Eric Piatkowski, and Voshon Lenard is not because they are talented playrs, but rather because they -- unlike Vitaly Potapenko and Danny Fortson -- have expiring contracts.

Anonymous said...

AK, I understand your cap space reasoning. However, Pot and Fort's expiring contracts (also Moore and Brunson), as well as Rashard's opt out, will make the Sonics major players in the summer 2007 market.

This summer, I hope the Supes only sign aging vets to one-year deals, let the young guy continue to progress, and then throw all the eggs into the 2007-08 basket and make our run there.

Anonymous said...

don't know if morrison will be garbage, they are plenty of offense-only shooters in the NBA. with that high release, he could be a kyle korver-type of player. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't let him become a sonic, though. I know how current ownership likes to obtain those local whiteboys...

Anonymous said...

All right, from what I can tell, Adam Morrison is the next coming of Chris Mullin. Yet, that notwithstanding, his defensive shortcomings make him a lesser prospect than Rudy Gay.

At any rate, though, I'd look for LaMarcus Aldridge to be the stud of the 2006 NBA Draft; he's right up there with Dwight Howard in terms of ability and talent.

As it is, however, the Seattle Supersonics will likely have a selection in the #8-#12 range; thus, I'd look for GM Rick Sund to choose a guy like Randy Foye -- who is practically a clone of Antonio Daniels -- since he could easily fill the glaring void at reserve point guard.

TheBiz said...

Wow it's been a slow news week so let's try something.

We could each list our personal nicknames we like to use for each player on the Sonics roster, or just the players you have nicknames for.

I'll go first:

Robert "Pizza Face" Swift
Johan "Gas Man" Petro
Mikki "McGruff (The Crime Dog)" Moore
Vitaly "Potato" Potapenko
Reggie "Da Collector" Evans
Rick "Brunson Burner" Brunson
Nick Collison "A Collision"
"Jesus!" Ray Allen
Vladimir "the Impaler" Radmanovic
Rashard "Sweet Lew" Lewis
Danny "Ronin" Fortson
Ronald "Flip" Murray

I've got nothing so far for Luke, Damien or Mateen whose back on a 10 day contract. And some for Vitaly, Rick I give credit to SuperSonicSoul. As for Vlad, Rashard, Reggie, Ronald, those are well known but who came up with them I don't know. Possibly Calabro.

TheBiz said...

Just thought up of three more:
"Cool Hand" Luke Ridnour
Damien "the Demon" Wilkins
Mateen "Pat Borders" Cleaves - Mariners reference

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