Wednesday, February 22

Game Night: Hawks

Tree Rollins: Not expected to play tonight.

Let's all take a breath. Steve Francis was moved today, but the Sonics have yet to do anything, and even if they do, it's only going to be get rid of Evans or Murray, or possibly picking up Earl Watson.

With that in mind, let's try focusing on the season for awhile. I for one will be glad to see the trading deadline in the rear-view mirror, if for no other reason than to put these Ray Allen-for-Ben Gordon rumors to bed (Good Lord, does Sam Smith even read his own nonsense?).

The Sonics are up against the Hawks. I say up against, in that usually the opponent provides opposition, which, of course, the Hawks are loathe to do. After starting at 2-16, the Hawks have improved of late, but they are still the Hawks and unless Doc Rivers, Nique, Kevvy Kev, and Tree Rollins are loosening up, they won't be seeing the playoffs in person this year.

Injuries are beginning to pile up for the Sonics, with Swift, Potato, and Fortson out, while Rashard and Wilcox are listed as questionable (which begs the question, is there ever a day in which Danny Fortson is not questionable?).

But if you want to really feel depressed, listen to this. Despite Atlanta's woeful state of basketball, they're favored by 5 against Seattle tonight. Considering the Hawks edged the Pistons in their last home game, it's not such a bad bet.


Anonymous said...

The Hawks are a model that the Sonics should use, yeah they get their ass beat alot but their roster makes me drool. They are 2 pieces away from being a contender. When they get those 2 pieces they are going to be nasty. Btw, the Hawks are going to beat our ass. In the second round of the last draft did the Supes have a shot to get Salim Stoudamire?? If so and we didn't do it, wtf??

Paul said...

"Looks like"? Dude, it's TREE - he can shit out whatever he likes!