Tuesday, March 28

$200 a Day, Plus Expenses

I think we all can agree that this hasn't been the greatest year in Sonic basketball history. Injuries, poor hiring decision, whiny point guards, foul-prone cyborg warriors ... it's enough for a Seattle basketball fan to just plain give up.

But a shining light has emerged that has made this fan, at least, smile. Yes, The Rockford Files is now available on DVD.

I have waited for years for this show to make on disc, only to watch as Hee Haw, Charlie's Angels, and plenty of other crap passed it in line. In fact, I had flat-out given up that Jim Rockford would ever grace my $49 DVD player, resigned to watching it on VHS tapes I had recorded from WGN.

Then, today, while looking at the internet, I thought I would check and see if anything was shaking on the DVD front for Rockford, and, lo and behold, not only is season 1 available, but season 2, extras, and it's been available since December!

Go ahead and lose the rest of your games, green and gold, I could care less. I'm waiting 5-7 days for my small piece of heaven to arrive. All is right with the world.


Anonymous said...

The correct phrase is "couldn't care less".

chunkstyle23 said...


If your next post is about "Dawson's Creek" or "Melrose Place" or some shit, we can't be friends anymore.


Anonymous said...

The Rockford Files... best TV theme song ever.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, the correct way to punctuate a sentence with a quotation is to include the . inside the quotes, (e.g., "Please find better things to do with your time than correct the grammar on a blog site.").

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story, al iii. I've got to wonder, though, why would anybody heckle James Garner? The guy gave us Rockford Files and Maverick for crying out loud!

Rockford Trivia Note o' the Day: David Chase, now the Executive Producer for The Sopranos, worked as a writer for the Rockford Files.

Anonymous said...

Chase has been exec. producer of the Sopranos since the beginning. Basically, he invented the show, so I'm not quite sure your criticism fits.