Tuesday, March 7

My Olympic Team

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This has been talked about all over the internet recently, and it's a good discussion point (especially when your favorite team stands 7 1/2 games out of the last playoff spot with 23 games to play). That is, which 12 guys deserve to be on the Olympic team in 2008?

Well, here's my list:

C: Shaq
C: Ben Wallace
C: Chris Bosh
PF: Shawn Marion
PF: Elton Brand
SF: LeBron James
SF: T-Mac
SG: Kobe Bryant
SG: Joe Johnson
PG: Chris Paul
PG: Dwayne Wade
One empty spot for someone like Dwight Howard or someone else who emerges (Adam Morrison, high schoolers, etc.)

That gives us 12 guys who I'll take over any other 12 (assuming that Duncan and the rest of the non-volunteers don't want to play, either).


Anonymous said...

I think that Ben Wallace found out that his game isn't suited for the international game and let them know that he'd opt out. Also, you need a shooter in your list like Ray Allen (who opted out) or Michael Redd (who I think was invited). Joe Johnson is just another slasher like Lebron or Dwayne, which is a bit tougher to do in the international game. Replace him with Michael Redd and I'd agree.

Anonymous said...

Me, too, b-con. It really seems that the management is right on top of things the past few weeks. From the Wilcox trade, to the Watson move, to even Wilks, they can't seem to do any wrong. I like how Fizer fits into the team with Collison out for a month (at least). Good opportunity for him to audition for the 2006-07 Sonics.

Kudos to sonicscentral for breaking the story.

Anonymous said...

I guess either Johnson or Redd is a good selection. Johnson's just about as good as Redd from beyond the arc, though, so it's really not much different. I like Johnson's all-around offensive game more, though, but it's not as though leaving him off the team is going to be the difference between silver and gold.

Plus, T-Mac, Kobe, and LeBron can all drain it from outside, so it's not as if the point guard is going to have to send it to Chris Dudley spotting up for 3.

Anonymous said...

I would take Michael Redd over Kobe any day. I dont know how you can build a team with the most selfish player in league history. The extra spot would go to another true PG, like Billups.

Anonymous said...

I wish everyone would get off the Bruce Bowen Hysteria Wagon. Look at his age, folks; he'll be 37 years old by the time the Beijing Olympics roll around! Is this the guy we want shutting down Croatian shooting guards?

I'd put the same thought into the Billups idea as well (he'll be 32 in '08). 3 years is a long time in the basketball world. If you don't believe me, ask 2003 Third Team All-NBA Player Jamal Mashburn.

Anonymous said...

Billups in at PG and instead of Bowen, use Shane Battier.

I don't have a problem at all with Kobe being on the team, but if he's there you can't team him with all-offensive players.

To be honest Luke fits in nicely as the guy whose simply willing to defer to the offensive talent around him.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the only true PG on the original Dream Team was John Stockton. Stockton played in 4 games out of 8, started none of them, and contributed 8 of Team USA's 239 total assists. In other words, he was filler.

I know the game and the opponents have changed since 1992, but I don't think we need to be overly concerned about having a "true" PG for this team. To me, the concern is having guys who can handle the ball. Kobe, T-Mac, Paul, Wade, and James can all handle the point, as they have in the NBA during their careers.

To me, there were 2 reasons why Team USA lost in Greece:

1. Not bringing the best players
2. Taking opponents for granted

In all honesty, if you had to put your last $100 on the US vs Puerto Rico game, would you put it on the US or PR? Of course you'd put it on the US. That US team was rudderless, led by the absolute worst possible choice for head coach - Larry Brown. Team USA needs a coach who will hold the reins lightly, not someone who will start bitching the minute things go wrong. Coach K is a decent choice. Pesonally, if I'm Jerry Colangelo, I'd hire a permanent head coach; someone like Lenny Wilkens, Rudy T, or another recently retired coach who's not interested in the NBA anymore and can spend his whole time on the team.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading the video-game photo, Paul. Is it me, or does Christian Laettner look like he's posing for the cover of a new Rob Lowe movie, circa 1988?

Paul said...

My favorite is Ewing. He looks like someone just dumped ice-water down his shorts.

Anonymous said...

I like Biggie's idea, but I don't like having Artest on the team. Too likely to cause a distraction, and, let's face it, there's no way in hell Colangelo would ever take him anyways. If he's not taking AI, he's not taking Artest.

Still, having a rough-around-the-edges guy is a good thought. Anybody know what Frank Brickowski's up to? Hey, how 'bout Rodman!

Anonymous said...

And one more thing, how the hell did I leave Amare off the team. Go ahead and scratch off Ben Wallace and add Amare to the list. At least no one called me on it.