Monday, March 6

Collison Out 1 Month

If you haven't already added Chris Wilcox to your fantasy league team, I suggest you head on over to your home page and do so RIGHT NOW. Why? Because Nick Collison is out for 4 weeks, that's why.


b_con said...

Wilcox has got to be out of his mind right now. What an amazing oppurtunity to prove himself. It's too bad Nick is out, but he'll be back and will get his minutes. Wilcox has a chance to show this team that he is the man down low. Felix is pretty lucky too, and I'd say we're even luckier, cause we're gonna see soooo many alley oops now. This will hurt our chances of making a run though. Wilcox had better stay with us for next year. I <3 restricted free agency.

Anonymous said...

Does this mean that Danny "out of favor" Fortson might get some PT? Stay tuned!

Paul said...

DaFort is out of action for the year due to a mystery ailment.

Anonymous said...

Allright, I added Wilcox. Now, can you tell me how I can trade Grant Hill for something that contributes more than 15 points every 3 weeks?

Anonymous said...

The Mikki Moore show will be coming soon to a theater near you.

doubledribble! said...

Our little Luke Ridnour got picked over Steve Nash, Allen Iverson and Jason Kidd to tryout for Team USA?

uhhh... WHY?!?!?!

Anyways, I guess there is going to be some type of tryouts. That would be a pretty entertaining reality show, kinda like Knight School but with really rich and egotistical NBA players. Awesome!

Here is my 12 man roster:

Chauncey Buh-buh-buh Billups G
Bruce Bowen G/F
Kobe Bryant G
Elton Brand F
Paul Pierce F/G
Chris Bosh F
Lebron James F
Amare Stoudemire C
Dwayne Wade G
Michael Redd G
Dwight Howard F/C
And last and certainly least, the Head Coach's son, this years Christian Laettner...
JJ Redick!!!

Most notable exclusions: Gilbert Arenas, Carmelo Anthony, Joe Johnson, Shawn Marion.

Link to full roster:
(Scroll to bottom of page)

Anonymous said...

As much as I'd like to bash Colangelo, he didn't leave off Nash - Nash can't play because he's Canadian. Kidd can't/won't play because of age and injuries. Remember, this is the team for 2008, not 2006, and if you think Kidd's legs are wobbly now, imagine how they'll be 3 years from now.

I think you're shy on big men as well. You can add Shaq (maybe), and Brad Miller (probably). Anybody know why Duncan has been left off? I haven't read that he declined the invite anywhere. Did they just forget?

Unknown said...

Duncan said "F-- this" essentially after the last olympics, when he was totally negated by international refs/international rules.

Anonymous said...

That clears that up. I was going by the ESPN story that broke the initial list of 22; it also included a list of players who declined invitations, but didn't list Duncan among them.

I don't know if wagering is possible on the Olympics, but I'd be more than willing to put $1,000 on the US winning the gold. I know everyone seems to think the rest of the world has caught up to the US, but if the US would send a truly great team to the Olympics (as they appear to be doing for '08), they should have no trouble.

Lance Uppercut said...

The theme for US hoops team in Beijing should be "This time, it's personal." If those guys have any pride whatsoever, they'll grind every opposing team like sausage. LB was a horrible pick to coach last time around. I'm sure the K-man will do a much better job.

doubledribble! said...

Duuuhhhhhhh!!!! I knew Nash was Canadian! What the hell was I thinking?
I got a funny feeling that Coach K has a black book of NBA players not to be invited on the team, AI for example; plus he hates point guards that shoot as much as he does.

I would definitely pick Shaq if he was on the list but he wasn't, not sure why. But between, Brad Miller, Chris Bosh and Dwight Howard... I'm picking Bosh and Howard especially when they have 2 years to get ready. Miller is too soft for me.

Best player not invited? Sorry AI but its gotta be Ben Wallace. Don't tell me he's Chechnian or something.

Anonymous said...

FIZER TO SIGN? The Sonics will sign a forward to a 10-day contract today and it's expected to be former lottery pick (fourth overall in 2000) Marcus Fizer, averaging 20.4 points and 7.6 rebounds in 30 games for Fort Worth of the NBDL

just thought I'd share....