Thursday, March 16


From the "Sucks To Be You" Department, the Nuggets have gone from having too many point guards to not having enough in the space of about 1 month. Earl Boykins, the Mighty Might who serves as Andre Miller's caddy - and the reason why the Nugs thought they could offload Earl Watson on the Sonics without missing a beat - has broken his hand and could be out for up to 5 weeks (according to Dr. George Karl). All of which means that Howard Eisley will now have to be taken down from the cabinet in Kiki Vandeweghe's office, dusted off, and inserted at the beginning of the 2nd quarter in Denver's next game.


Anonymous said...

I've always thought that schadenfreude implies that you feel some twinge of guilt in rejoicing in another's misfortune. When the Blazers play miserably, I don't feel any guilt at all in enjoying it. It's like not feeling at all guilty for making fun of Milosevic even though he's dead.

Paul said...

More Schadenfreude