Monday, March 6

And you thought Kenny G killed Jazz

In honor of the Oscars, it was "Brokeback Mountain Night" at the key last night.

The Sonics murdered the Utah Jazz 113-81 last night. The new guys stole the show with Earl "Wattstax" Watson lobbing a couple of Payton-like ally-oops to "Wilco" Wilcox, and a nice behind the back dish to "The Rash". Lost in the razzle dazzle last night was a solid performance from "The Omen", who snagged a career high seven (!) steals.

So, was this just a case of the Sonics beating on a crappy team, or are the Supes back in action? Or a little bit of both? Maybe we'll find out Wednesday night against the Grizz.


Rich King said...

man, that azz whoopin' was fun to watch

Felix's block was filthy!

J-Will said...

Any win against the Jazz is a good win. I think I could live with the Sonics going 8-74 if those 8 wins came against Utah and Portland.

Biggie said...

Felix was great, Wilcox was great, Watson was great, and Ridnour had a good game too. I noticed Luke can be an effective player when he doesn't have to play much, Hill just needs to find those situations and exploit them, but I still like EW getting the bulk of the minutes, he's a tough little s.o.b. We kicked the shit out of Utah, Kirelinko was too pre-occupied trying to find ms. tonight in the crowd. His wife is a hero, what an amazing woman, I would very much like to meet her and tell her of the respect I have for her and the revolutionary way of thinking she brings to the table, god bless you superwoman. lol.

Kenny G, went to Franklin HS, F*** Kenny G.

Biggie said...


Amen brother, amen.