Monday, March 6

And you thought Kenny G killed Jazz

In honor of the Oscars, it was "Brokeback Mountain Night" at the key last night.

The Sonics murdered the Utah Jazz 113-81 last night. The new guys stole the show with Earl "Wattstax" Watson lobbing a couple of Payton-like ally-oops to "Wilco" Wilcox, and a nice behind the back dish to "The Rash". Lost in the razzle dazzle last night was a solid performance from "The Omen", who snagged a career high seven (!) steals.

So, was this just a case of the Sonics beating on a crappy team, or are the Supes back in action? Or a little bit of both? Maybe we'll find out Wednesday night against the Grizz.


Anonymous said...

man, that azz whoopin' was fun to watch

Felix's block was filthy!

Anonymous said...

Any win against the Jazz is a good win. I think I could live with the Sonics going 8-74 if those 8 wins came against Utah and Portland.

Anonymous said...

Felix was great, Wilcox was great, Watson was great, and Ridnour had a good game too. I noticed Luke can be an effective player when he doesn't have to play much, Hill just needs to find those situations and exploit them, but I still like EW getting the bulk of the minutes, he's a tough little s.o.b. We kicked the shit out of Utah, Kirelinko was too pre-occupied trying to find ms. tonight in the crowd. His wife is a hero, what an amazing woman, I would very much like to meet her and tell her of the respect I have for her and the revolutionary way of thinking she brings to the table, god bless you superwoman. lol.

Kenny G, went to Franklin HS, F*** Kenny G.

Anonymous said...


Amen brother, amen.