Thursday, April 20

A Ray of Hope

Seattle SuperSonics' Ray Allen acknowledges the fans after setting an NBA record for 3-point baskets in a season in the first half of a NBA basketball game in Seattle on Wednesday, April 19, 2006. Allen made his 268th 3-point basket in the second quarter.<br />(AP Photo/Ron Wurzer)The season's over, but Ray once again made this team worth watching:
SEATTLE (AP) -- Ray Allen broke the NBA record for 3-pointers in a season, finishing with 269, and the Seattle SuperSonics wrapped up their disappointing season with a 109-98 victory over the playoff-bound Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night.

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Other great Ray moments from an otherwise forgettable season? How about his 42 points and game-winning shot in that insane double-overtime game against the Suns? Or what about his fight against the insane Keyon Dooling? Ah, such sweet memories.

So, what are your favorite moments of this terrible, terrible season? Danny Fortson fouling himself out so he could get back on the exercise bike? Bob Weiss' disappearing act? Let's hear it!


Anonymous said...

Frodo bitching when he lost 4th Q PT, as if he thought he was good in the 4th. Priceless.

Anonymous said...

Can I talk about Robert Swift here? I think he surprised everyone with his clutch (although somewhat unpredictable) abilities. If this kid can gain as much weight as he did confidence I think we might have some kind of presence down low next year.

Oh yeah... and Reggie Evans made a free throw last night.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Swift, and throw in Petro to boot. That double-OT game was fantastic - except that nobody in Seattle was watching it because of the NFC Championship game. I think that summarizes the Sonic season quite nicely - the one time they do something great, they get overshadowed by one of the greatest wins in Seattle sports history.

Anonymous said...

Weiss getting shitcanned, Vlade leaving, Bob Hill's puke quote, and the always entertaining recaps of woe (and occasional joy) on the SSS.

Anonymous said...

Weiss' "magic" whirl-wind tour at the helm was unforgettable but I miss our pal Vlade. The one good thing about his departure... I got a number 77 jersey for 10 bucks! w00t!

Anonymous said...

Before we get into this dismal season, let us dwell on a happier topic -- how the Soul continues to deliver the righteous stuff to the Sonics people. Nuss, Paul and the commentors here actually make life as Sonics fan in DC bearable, which is no easy task.

This year's highlight? Hmmm.... the last game we had vs. Kobe at the Forum was pretty sweet. (A Sunday game on ABC as I recall.) It was the first time I had seen Hill roll out the full-on big-men-run-the-floor-and-get-the-alley-oop offense, which fooled the zen-master nicely and looked sweet too. The first half was like an alley oop drill -- Petro, Swift and Wilcox were just getting crazy delicious on all the stuffs.

Anonymous said...

After Ray set the record last night, it was sweet to see him jam on Andre Miller's mug.

Zach said...

Checking the box score on April 4th and seeing that Wilcox had posted 26 points and 24 boards...holy crap I hope they keep him

Anonymous said...

I don't envy the Sonics when it comes to Wilcox. On the one hand, he played like a man on fire down the stretch, routinely posting double-doubles.

On the other hand, this is his fifth year in the league and he hadn't done anything until now ... when he's on the eve of free agency and a huge payday.

On the other hand, only 5 PFs in the league averaged more rebounds per game than him over the past month.

On the other hand, after scoring 20+ in 3 straight game and being named Western Conference Player of the Week, he promptly went out and averaged less than 10 points a game in the next 6 games.

Plus, his defense is lousy. In fact, the more I'm writing, the more I'm thinking he's not worth the dough. But, man, if he turns out to be the real deal, are we ever going to be sorry.

See what I mean about not envying the Sonics?

Anonymous said...

The fact that people began to agree with me that Rashard Lewis is overrated and Danny Fortson is a useless bum. Sadly, it took a while for people to come around -- considering it was nothing but a love-fest for both of them last season -- yet, it finally went down a few months into this season.

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

When the Sonics played the Heat in January and Ridnour hit that sweet tear-drop over Shaq. The game did wonders for my impression of Swift and his solid 8 points and 8 rebounds.

Besides that, being from the East, I only get to watch the nationally televised games, and unfortunately, the Sonics were pathetic in most of those matchups.

Anonymous said...

Favorite dubious moments of the season (in no particular order):

Bob Weiss, the master juggler of rotations.

Reggie thinking he was Karl Malone in the post.

The rim vs Flip Murray.

Vlade gagging away his long coveted starting spot.

Bob Hill's pukefest.

Luke bitching about sitting in the 4th.

Yes, the Fortson two fouls in 15 seconds to get back on the bike (and out of the rotation for the remainder of the season).

Ray Allen vs Keyon Punk.

Ray pissing off Bowen to get the kick in the back.

Potadrinko agreeing with Hill that he was too fat.

The stellar contributions of Ibo Kutluay (for a mere $1.75M). Brunson was a bargain in comparison for his production.

The hand-me-down face mask.

Ehlo butchering the english language.

Rashard thinking he will opt out to become a max player.

Schultz and Walker's tight relations with the city.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, who did Brian Davis go down on to get that gig?
Biggie - don't hold out for a non-white on the new station - they're a right-wing nut-job talk station from Bellevue, not a sports station.

Anonymous said...

How and why did the Sonics Dance Team lose to Sacramento's cheerleaders?!

Sorry, not much was happening on the court this season, even with an great end of the season, that some fans had to pay attention to something else.

Also, Brian Davis should stick to announcing state high school football championship games. That seems to be all he's cut out for.

Anonymous said...

Big, Antonio Harvey is black, and he's a straight horrible radio guy for the Blazers, not that anyone of the people involved with Blazer broadcasting, black or white, are anything but worthless. On the other hand, Snapper Jones is a badass, though he wasn't enough of a homer to stay in Portland.

Anonymous said...

I actually enjoyed Billy McKinney when he was riding shotgun with KC. I don't know how well he would do with out a top notch play-by-play guy next to him, though.

Well, Locke and Gas can't do it because they are working for the other station... It will probably be Davy doing the play-by-play...

You're right...anyone would be better. They are an Intercom station, right? Maybe we can get Dave Ross, or even the T-Man... Oh boy!


Anonymous said...

Lance - Just curious; what is Bill Schonely doing these days? About the only good thing about watching a Blazer game when I was at the U of O was getting to listen to Schonely and Snapper Jones do the games.

All-time best Seattle sports broadcaster - Pete Gross, hands down.

Anonymous said...

The Schone's does Blazer stuff here and there, but mostly he just shills for whatever local furniture/electronics store is willing to pay for a voice-over. Mike Barrett and Mike Rice have the honors now, and they're about impossible to listen to.

Anonymous said...

Seattle's been pretty lucky in this department. Calabro, Bob Blackburn (c'mon Sonics, make him the pre-game guy next year!), Neihaus, Gross, Raible, even Bob Rondeau is above-average. When you hear what other cities have, you've got to appreciate them.

Of course, we've also got horrendous ones as well (Rizzs, Ehlo, Brian Davis, Dave Henderson, Dave Valle, et al). Rizzs might be the worst, though. It's not that he's just bad on his own, he's contagiously bad, so much so that he drags the other guy in the booth down with him. I used to think Joe Simpson was a terrible broadcaster with Seattle, then when he went to TBS he got better all of sudden. After a while I figured it out; he had de-Rizzsed himself.

Anonymous said...

Calabro, Bob Blackburn (c'mon Sonics, make him the pre-game guy next year!), Neihaus, Gross, Raible, even Bob Rondeau

hey big, what do all of these guys have in common?? lol

Drew said...

This'll hurt to say, but they gotta get rid of Ray. There's no way he duplicates last season ever again and his trade value will never be higher.

Can anyone else see Kevin Garnett in a Sonics uniform?

Anonymous said...

Not Sonics-related, but I couldn't agree more with Nuss about the Rizzs. He is the worst announcer in Seattle. But he still has an greater grasp of the english language the Ehlo.