Wednesday, June 28

Sonics pick Saer Sene

In the 2006 NBA Draft, the Seattle Supersonics pick . . . Saer Sene from Senegal!

Wait a minute, didn't we already draft this guy? Like four times? I guess you can never have too many 7-foot "projects" that no one has ever heard of. Sigh . . .

- - - UPDATE - - -

Here's some video of Sene in "action" (Thanks Aidan for the tip and for uploading the video!):


Anonymous said...

this pick has to be for another team....doesn't it?

if not, brutal

Alan said...

I am embarrased as a Sonics fan. Anyone else catch the stat of three points per game in Belgium.

How about Ronnie Brewer, a guy who can play defense and shoot the ball a little? He'd be much better than another project.

This team needs to win now, and if this is any indication, they aren't doing it anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

This must be for a trade.

Or maybe Wally is planning HackaShak. Crap Wally just remembered Shaq got traded from the west.

Oh well next year we could get a 7ftr from China, Australia or So Amer.

Great Plan

Anonymous said...

What did I tell you Black? Your boy Roy is going to look great in Red and Black.

Anonymous said...

seems to me this is a move motivated by the current financial situation of the team... let the LONG guy play in Europe or elsewhere, don't have to pay him too much.. keep those books looking good for a potential buyer of the team. Am I crazy?

Alan said...

No, not crazy. But, Seattle needs to sell tickets and make it seem like they want to stick around if they are going to get a new arena.

Alan said...

Here's a link of our 2nd round pick being clutch.

Onlt vid of him on You tube.

Anonymous said...

The dood is long as hell....but I don't get it, are we supposed to be impressed that he can get fouled off a pick and roll? Look guys, he actually made a free throw!?

Oh well, lets hope Phx wanted him? I can still dream...


Anonymous said...

unreal, what are the Sonics thinking? Stupid, just stupid. Who is the GM? Should be fired. Why do we pick skinny big guys that can't shoot or play straight up Defense? Looks like another frustrating season coming up.

frinklin said...

Guys, c'mon... you can never have enough unknown big men. God knows you don't want to draft somebody that the fans might have heard of, someone that might remind people that this damned team still exists.

Anonymous said...

Notes on the Sonics at the end

TheBiz said...

On a side note.

If anyone hasn't heard already Houston traded Rudy Gay and the albatross Stromile Swift to the Grizzles for Shane Battier. A dumb trade for Houston in my opinion, but then again Guy is a definate project while Battier will help right away and I'm a fan of Battier.

Still with the Grizzles, supposedly, being the top contender for Chris Wilcox's services, you'd think this trade would take them out of the running. Wilcox will likely be seeking a lenghty deal that will provide him some security for the next 5 to 6 years. And while Guy is a project, he could be ready in a year or two. Which should make it less likely that Memphis will go hard after Wilcox, making him easier for us to sign.

TheBiz said...

As far is Sene, I admit I was furious at first. But after watching film and learning about his athleticism. I'm not as mad. Though I still think Ronnie Brewer or Rodney Carney would have been better picks. Especially to help the team now.

However if Mickael Gelabale does come over from France, it is likely that we would have created a log jam between Wilkins, Gelabale, and Brewer/Carney to back up the 2 and 3 spots.

However this is still a better pick than if we would have taken JJ Reddick anyone else other than Brewer or Carney.

Alan said...

Its not that Sene can't play. He can. But. he's exactly what the Sonics don't need: a project. He's a plyer we've got. We have two young centers, why are we adding a third? Especially one that probably won't play in the NBA next season (three points and four rebounds per game won't make a roster here). Instead of getting help immediatly, the Sonics decided to waste another draft, and probably season.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there's more anger in those messages than in a Democratic Party Conference on presidential election voting fraud.

Count me on the other side. I love what Sene brings to the Sonics - shot-blocking ability. I know Swifty and Petro (to a lesser extent) can block shots as well, but not like this guy. Plus, considering how well the two youngsters played last season, their trade value is quite high right now, especially when coupled with their salaries. How much do you think the Sonics could get for Robert Swift and Danny Fortson right now? I'm guessing a future 1st-round pick plus a useful veteran at the bare minimum.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but kudos to the Sonics on this pick.

Anonymous said...

Couple of interesting pieces from the Sonics' web site:

Coach Bob Hill: "We have no plans of sending him to Europe. You can etch that in granite. We have every plan of getting him on the court as soon as possible and getting his development started."

Also, Sene prefers to be called Mouhamed Sene; Saer is his middle name. Yeah, Mouhamed, we'll see how well that works when you're stuck in customs at the airport by some red-neck guard from Tennessee. "So, yore name is Mohamad? Are you some sort ah terrorist or somethin'?"

Anonymous said...

Man, I just don't get.
Sure, Sene could become a really good Player and someone who could hold together the Defense with his Blocking ablity. But why do we need another Poject at Center? We already got Petro and Swift and I don't know what we need him for, unless there's a Trade in the works.

Cheers supafly03

Anonymous said...

Here's a question:

If the Sonics took everyone's advice and passed on Sene, who should they have picked instead? I'm not mocking anyone here, I'm seriously asking. The next 5 guys picked after Sene were:

1. JJ Redick - no way the Sonics want his no-defense game
2. Hilton Armstrong - a big man, but brings nothing the Sonics don't have already
3. Thafo Somethingorother - a 6'6" guard. This wouldn't have been a bad choice, but the Sonics already have Wilkins, plus Gelabale in France.
4. Ronnie Brewer - here's the guy everyone wanted; 6'7", can play defense on the perimeter - not a bad choice for Seattle, but there are plenty of Ronnie Brewer-types in the league already that are established and the Sonics can get them (e.g., Kedrick Brown) via free agency on 1-year deals.
5. Cedric Simmons - 6'10" PF. THe Sonics need another PF like I need a Bush in '08 bumper sticker. Assuming Wilcox takes Seattle's offer, Simmons would get zero time behind Wilcox and Collison.

The way I see it, the Sonics desperately needed a guy who can block shots and rebound. They have no one on the roster who can do that currently, and Sene's a hell of a lot cheaper than a big man via free agency. Rick Sund is right, big men are always at a premium in this league (see: James, Jerome; Booth, Calvin; McIlvaine, Jim).

Anonymous said...

Nuss - your points are well taken, but I still don't understand how a team develops 3 young centers at the same time? How does that work? What other team has used this approach successfully?

If you've drafted the same position 3 years in a row, IMO, you're doing something wrong.

I do like Brown. Solid player - hope he can win the back up SG spot.

Anonymous said...

I guess I'm just so optimistic about Sene that I'm blinding myself to the position overload. I'll rely on the same argument people used against the Blazers when they skipped MJ and picked Sam Bowie - there's nothing wrong with having too much of a good thing.

Of course, Sene is no MJ, but then Swift and Petro are no Drexlers, themselves.

Anonymous said...

at the end of the day, just please re-sign Wilcox. That's all I ask.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, people-- a Sonics blog! Came over from a link from a link from Deadspin.

"I still don't understand how a team develops 3 young centers at the same time? How does that work? What other team has used this approach successfully?"

A) Easy. Essentially every college team (and most HS teams) are doing this every year.
B) It works because they are young and hungry, and if you keep them together, they help to develop eachothers' games. Swift is the smoother offensive guy. Petro is the athletic C/PF combo, and Sene becomes the stalwart defensive terror.
C) Uh... oh boy. So you are saying we should follow conventional wisdom? Because nobody else has done it doesn't mean there isn't a previously unthought of stroke of genius in the manuever.

Also, I believe in Jack Sikma as a center specialist. I think the Sonics stumbled onto a goldmine there. I could foresee us drafting centers EVERY YEAR-- always keeping 2 good young-uns on hand and trading others for developed stars at other positions (and/or extra draft picks.)

THERE IS NOTHING MORE VALUABLE IN THE NBA THEN A LEGITIMATE CENTER. What title team didn't have one (or MJ, but that is the classic exception to the rule.)

Look, I was just like everybody else-- I wanted Roy, or Foye, then started hoping against all odds Rudy Gay would fall. But the fact of the matter is, this guy is not just a "tall guy who blocks shots." He has a huge wingspan and yet he can also move, and jump. He could make Dikembe Mutombo look like

"If you've drafted the same position 3 years in a row, IMO, you're doing something wrong."

Why? How many servicable centers did we have BEFORE we started drafting them? How many people went WTF!?!? when we drafted Petro? He is turning out just fine, isn't he?

The only way to drastically improve your team when you don't have a top level pick is by finding guys that have a greater chance of becoming a superior player. I heard somebody bitch (in some absolutely absurd language that resembled english) about not drafting... uh... famous-type college players. SO WHAT?

I saw Dirk play in Germany when he was 17. A year later he was drafted and traded for a famous college guy-- you remember his name? (Robert "Tractor" Traylor) What about Pittsnogle-- see where he was drafted? (the "3rd" round.)

Worst case scenario, Sene is a solid contributor in 2 years. Best case, he is the greatest defensive presence in the paint the game has seen since Russell.

One more thing-- think about the alteration of the rules and the opening up of the game; this makes a shot blocker like Sene even more important-- he keeps the Dwayne Wade's of the world out of the key. Yeah, he'll get dunked on from time to time-- shot blockers always do. But he could be the first guy to average 5 blocks a game in the modern game.

And as far as I recall, there aren't a lot of customs checks at airports in Tennessee. Even so, you think NBA players wait in the same lines as everybody else? They are chartered, baby! They don't even see the same part of the airport we do.

Patience, people. Somehow I think the Sonics have a vision. I think they are going to use the NBA draft and the NDBL like MLB teams draft and minor leagues. And while it may take a couple years longer than we would like for it to pay dividends, the franchise wasn't doing much anyway, was it?

Anonymous said...

also-- rich king, that interview was kinda funny, but i gotta say I'd put 100$ that he understands English better than you understand French. Also, I bet he probably speaks about 3 other languages.

Nice name, btw. Rich King was a terrible Sonics pick because he was picked solely for his height. These guys are all athletic.

And I heard the draft-niks are all dogging the Sonics. SO WHAT!?!? I recall Mel Kiper didn't think Lofa Tatupu was worth a 2nd round pick.

Anonymous said...

Good points, folks. Just thought I'd mention that of the 14 or 15 guys on the roster next season, 3 of them are fluent in French. Should help Gelabale and Sene adjust to the new league/country.

Anonymous said...

aiden, i spent a year in bundaberg qld, made the U19 team there once upon a time. they booted me for being american though.

great place, and nice to see a sonic from down under.

on the language thing, i also once coached german kids who obviously didn't have strong enlish skills. at one camp my head coach Anatoli was a Russian who didn't speak german OR english.

we got along just fine. you find a way.. plus x's and o's and physical demonstrations are the language of hoops, not english.

Anonymous said...

First off first off... The sonics did an AWESOME move drafting this young man. It is a security move - if swift or petro develop into something big which im pretty sure they will... this guy will be awesome trade bate in the future. Think of when the sonics signed calvin booth for 50 someodd mil! thats how much it costs for centers! if we get one, and develop it, we could trade for some very big things! And if they dont develop, here you are, you got a good solid shot blocker who has potential out the roof! this guy has the experience of a junior high kid, and he still was able to make it to the NBA. Bob hill has already done an awesome job helping petro and swift up there - keep in mind that swift did almost get demoted to the DLeauge before Hill was our coach. Look for a good season fellas!

Second off - That was a great deal for both teams, Tj ford will help the raptors pull a hopefull playoff run, and Charlie will help the bucks with their laq of a PF position. TJ can run a team well and i think he will make an excelent Raptor.

Anonymous said...

Completely biased remark in 3 … 2 …1 …

Denham Brown is the STEAL of the draft!

Anonymous said...

that is a good point about developin the young centres but when u have a 10th pick u can't draft a guy that aved 3.1 ppg and wen u hav a guy like J.J in the draft that has stats through the roof and would take pressure off ray ray, it's a no brainer from my point of view

Anonymous said...

thanks for the comp on the developing centers thoughts...

as far as JJ, i went back and forth on this one, but truthfully i would rather have Sene's potential.

JJ can't play defense at the NBA level... Duke did a fantastic job of hiding his deficiency in that regard.

Stats in college mean nothing, and Reddick was a heck of a college player, but do you really forsee him being an impact in the NBA? Steve Alford was a hell of a college scorer, but I don't recall him doing all that much in the NBA. 5ppg or so. Trajan Langdon, as a Dukie comes to mind. Reddick will be Steve Kerr or MAYBE POSSIBLY Hornecek at absolute best, but I don't forsee him being that good. He doesn't have the power/strength of a Ricky Pierce/Vinnie Johnson type bench scorer, and I think he is just another good shooter who will be okay in the league. Nothing more, nor less. But that back thing would scare me a little too...

Also, PPG in Europe are meaningless as well, and this guy isn't expected to come in and score, he is expected to be a fiend on the D end, blocking shots and affecting the mindset of every player that enters the key with the ball.

Lowering the opponents shooting percentage by 5 to 8 percent per night is a difference that more than makes up for a lack of scoring ability.

Anonymous said...

He's got a similar type of athletiscm as a young kemp. Imagine that coupled with an 8 foot wingspan. It's a good pick, he'll get time at PF too.